10 Amazing Beard Styles For Men

Beard styles have a lot to say about the men who wear them. Any kind of facial hair is associated with two big thoughts as people look at you: maturity and dominance/aggression. If you are clean-shaven, when people look at you they associate you with sociability and cleanliness. That’s why choosing the right beard styles is so important. Different styles say different things, and you need to choose the one that’s communicating what you want to say. Not only is it important your beard style fit the shape of your face, but you also want facial hair that lines up with your life goals and personal intentions.

What Are Some Amazing Beard Styles?

There are a lot of beard styles that you can choose from, and the thing that makes a style amazing for you is how it looks on you and how it fits with your goals. Here are ten of the best beard styles for different types of faces and hair:

Beards Styles for Men with Round Faces

Man wearing shades and has a beautiful beard is standing near the ocean

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If your face is round, you probably want it to look a bit slimmer. You can accomplish this by keeping the hair on your chin full while giving yourself a more angled shave at the cheekbones. Try a Balbo beard or a short, boxed beard if your face is round.

A Balbo beard has no sideburns and a mustache disconnected from the beard at the chin. You’ll need to grow a full beard first so you can shape it correctly later. A round face will also rock a short, boxed beard. Here you let the hair grow all over the face but keep it very neatly trimmed at the sides.

Beards Styles for Men with Oval Faces

Man has a beautiful beard while projecting on the camera

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The great thing about this shape is that all beard styles look good on it. You can go with a simple mustache, but a perpetual stubbl or a Garibalidi will look good when it comes to beards.

For the Garibaldi, let your hair grow as long as it’s willing to go. Keep your cheek and mustache trimmed til the beard is done growing. Maintain it by keeping it rounded. If you go for stubble, bear in mind that most people prefer a three or five-day stubble to that “just couldn’t bother shaving this morning” look. Keep the shape clean and defined and make sure your neck is trimmed up neatly.

Beards Styles for Men with Square Faces

Man lying his shoulder to the wall is wearing a cap and with beautiful beard

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People love a well-defined jawline, so take advantage of that if you have a square face. A circle beard or a chin strap are great beard styles to highlight those cheekbones and elongate your chin.

The circle beard, or standard beard, combines a good mustache with a goatee that is rounded out. The important thing is to shape the hair in an even circle. It can be worth letting a professional barber do it for you and then maintaining by yourself after that. A chin strap beard should be short and looks best when also paired with a short hairstyle. Your cheeks should be largely clear while your sideburns fade into a short beard. The beard should follow your jawline and over the chin.

Beards for Men with Rectangular Faces

Man wearing a business attire has a long beautiful beard

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A rectangular face can look great with the right kind of beard. In general, this face shape loves longer and thicker sides and hair that is trimmed short at the bottom. Try a mutton chop or a bush and coif if this is your face shape.

The mutton chop has a classic look. Let your sideburns grow down your cheeks where they can either connect with the corners of your mustache or go it alone, as you prefer. Keep it trimmed for a sophisticated look or let it grow out for a more aggressive look.

The bush and coif has a rugged look but takes some care to keep up. Your hairstyle is part of this look, so keep it relatively short but long enough to comb over. Let your beard grow everywhere, but only long at the bottom. The sideburns should fade into the beard. Trim the beard to a squarish shape with a round bottom.

Beard Styles for Men with Patchy Facial Hair

Man in side view photo with his beautiful beard

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Some of the most rugged men around have trouble growing a long, even beard. You can still look great even with patchy facial hair if you know how to work it. Two great looks include the faded chin strap and the full goatee.

The faded chin strap is similar to the regular chin strap. The only real difference is adding a detached goatee. Keep this thicker and a very thin, faded chinstrap will draw attention to the thick hair on the chin. If your hair is particular about where it grows but will come in thick at the chin, take advantage of that with a goatee. Go ahead and keep the sideburns and cheeks shaved and let your goatee and mustache go. Let it grow into the neck just a little and keep it neat.

Why Do I Need an Amazing Beard?

Having a beard nearly always makes a man look more manly. While it is true that people associate a clean-shaven look with approachability and good social skills, you can also achieve that impression with a carefully trimmed beard.

At Work


Man with a beautiful beard wearing a work outfit is sitting at the chair

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If you’re a professional looking to stay approachable but still a force to be reckoned with, a neat, trim beard can accomplish both these things. Since the human male cannot grow a beard until he reaches physical maturity, beards also give a look of maturity and experience that can be valuable in a business setting. At the same time, a large, bushy beard can also be helpful, depending on your goals. Letting your beard grow longer and fuller, while still keeping it neat, can communicate strength and capability. It can tell the world that you’re able to step up and take charge.

In Love

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Does a beard influence your love life? Definitely. Studies have shown that women perceive men with good beards to be better providers with potentially good parenting skills. They show a romantic attraction to men with heavy stubble, rating light stubble as unattractive and even “unclean.”

When asked to rate a man’s perceived cleanliness, women found full beards and clean shaves the best. That being said, a heavy stubble is what women tend to like romantically; a full beard communicates that a man has the reliability and strength to be a good long-term partner.

How to Get an Amazing Beard

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Nearly any beard style will be easier to achieve if you first let your beard grow out at least four weeks. Then you’ll have something to work with as you style, shave, and trim it into just the shape you want.

That being said, is there anything you can do to get your beard to grow in more quickly or have a fuller look? Unfortunately, a lot of beard growth is down to simple genetics, and there’s nothing you can do about that. But it turns out there are a few things you can do to get a better beard.

  • Sleep, eat, and exercise right. These things are good for every aspect of your health. It shouldn’t be surprising that they’re even good for the health of your facial hair.
  • Take care of your skin. The skin your beard is growing on has a lot to do with the health of your beard. If the skin is dry, flaky, and itchy this can affect your beard. Keep things clean and use a good moisturizer regularly.
  • Don’t neglect your beard hair. Your beard hair, and skin will really benefit from a good beard oil. It will help you if your beard itches and also stop those split ends from developing.
  • Keep your beard brushed. Brushing stimulates growth at the follicle level, so give your beard a quick combing at least once in the morning. Bonus tip: this will make it look better, too.

Finally, as you think about getting an amazing beard, don’t forget that it takes work. Some guys grow a beard just to avoid the bother of shaving, and while that’s understandable, it’s not the way to get an amazing beard. An amazing beard is shaped, even if it’s long and has a natural or wild look. An amazing beard is always clean. An amazing beard doesn’t have a lot of stray hairs sticking out in weird directions. An amazing beard fits the face and the fortunes of the man who wears it.


Your beard really does have an effect on how people see you; and even on how you see yourself. The right beard can make you look manly, competent, mature, and desirable. The key is choosing a beard style that fits the shape of your face and works with you, not against you, towards accomplishing your goals. Keep that beard clean, trimmed, brushed, and styled. Then you can be sure that your beard is saying good things about you wherever you go.

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Jeffrey Arvel
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