10 Best Disposable Razors

A lot of us look for a smooth and clean shave before we take on the day, but not everyone has the biggest budget for expensive electric shavers. Since they’re often affordable and easy to use, disposable razors are a popular way to shave the face and/or body. They’re usually replaced every week or so, and are pretty low maintenance. We’ve picked out some of the best disposable razors, based on price, quality, usability, user popularity, and overall rating.

10. McKesson Twin Blade Disposable Razor

These disposable razors are twin bladed, for a quick and effective shave. They’re made of blue plastic with nonsterile handles and a unique arch blade housing, if you’re looking for the closest shave possible. The handles are ribbed for a better grip, and for safety purposes, the razors include a flip-off blade cover. These razors can be used to remove body hair, and although the twin blades do that successfully, they may be a bit harsh to use on facial hair, considering they don’t have lubricant strips.

mckesson disposable razors
9. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor

Equipped with three aligned Mach3 blades, these disposable razors are covered in patented diamond-like coating for stronger and sharper blades. With every stroke, the razor passes over your hairs three times, and the fewer the strokes, the less irritation you get. The open architecture design makes cleaning the blades easy, and the lubrication strip gives you a smooth shave with less nicks. Gillette Mach3 razors have precision balanced handles for a comfortable grip, and although they’re a bit on the expensive side, they last quite a few shaves.

Best Razors for Shaving Heads Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor
8. Schick Xtreme 3 Blade Sensitive Razor

Ideal for those with sensitive skin, these triple-bladed disposable razors prevent razor burn, nicks, and itchy bumps with a lubastrip made of vitamin E and aloe. Their pro-flex blades and 30-degree pivot make for a smoother and more effective shave, and are great for use on the body or the face. Multiple blade designs often give you a more thorough shaving job, and since these razors are triple-bladed, they save you time with less strokes. On the other hand, the blades are said to become dull after about a week, but this depends on how much you shave.

Best Men's Razors For Sensitive Skin Schick Xtreme3
7. Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razors

Because of their five ultra-glide blades with skin guards, these Schick Hydro 5 razors help reduce friction between the skin and the blade. The hydrating gel reservoir strip prevents nasty razor bumps and accidental cuts, not to mention they last up to two times longer than regular lubrication strips. With an ergonomic rubber grip and flip trimmer, you have better control and precision for hard-to-reach areas. Schick Hydro hydrates your skin for up to an hour after shaving, and while these razors might be a bit harsh for those with sensitive skin, they give you a close shave. Many people consider them the best disposable razors for precision and comfort.

schick hydro 5 disposable razors
6. Schick ST2 Sensitive Skin Disposable Razors

For those that are prone to getting razor bumps or accidental nicks when they shave, these Schick ST2 disposable razors are designed to prevent irritation after shaving with their lubrication strip infused with vitamin E. They have a slim rubber grip handle for better control, and they are twin-bladed for less strokes and closer shaves. These disposable razors are ideal for sensitive skin types, especially on the face. However, they do require a couple of swipes in the same area, since the blades aren’t the sharpest.

Best Men's Razors For Sensitive Skin Schick ST2
5. Gillette Sensor2 Plus Disposable Razor

With a pivoting head for more flexibility and control, Gillette Sensor2 disposable razors are twin-bladed for fewer passes and less irritation to the skin. The lubrastrip ensures little to no razor bumps and nicks as you shave, and the soft ultragrip handle gives you complete control, making for a more comfortable shaving experience. These razors are easy to clean and lightweight, and although the blades will only last for about a week, they give you a neat and smooth shave as they adjust to the contours of your face and body.

Best Men's Razors For Sensitive Skin Gillette Sensor2 Plus
4. BIC Sensitive Single Blade Shaver

BIC sensitive skin disposable razors have a simplistic design, with an all-plastic build and single blades. They give you a soothing and comfortable shave, and since they only have one blade, you don’t have to worry about hairs getting stuck and affecting their shaving ability. The slim handle makes for a sturdy grip and more precision. These are the best disposable razors for sensitive skin types, which can benefit from the single-blade design, since multiple-blade designs can often be harsh. While these don’t have a moisturizing strip, they’re safe to use for facial and body hair.

Best Men's Razors For Sensitive Skin BIC Sensitive Single Blade Shaver
3. Barbasol Pivot Twin Premium Disposable Razors

With a grip built for comfort, and a pivoting head for more precision and closer shaves, Barbasol pivot twin razors deliver a comfortable shaving experience, and have a long blade life. The open flow blades make the razors easy to clean, since hairs won’t get stuck as easily, and the ultra thin blades make for closer contact with hair follicles. The twin blades provide a quicker shave with fewer passes over hairs, and while they supposedly only last for about five or six shaves, the lubricating strip helps prevent itchy razor bumps and nicks.

barbasol pivot disposable razor blade
2. BIC Comfort 3 Advance Disposable Razors

With an advanced triple blade design, BIC Comfort 3 Advance disposable razors give a neat and clean shave for smooth and hairless skin. The textured handle provides a better grip, and the pivoting head gives you enhanced precision and control for the contours of your face and body. Because of the lubricating strip infused with aloe, these razors won’t give you uncomfortable razor bumps or accidental cuts. The blades last you quite a while, and are sharp enough to keep hair away for days.

bic confort 3 disposable razor blades
1. BIC Hybrid 3 Comfort Disposable Razor

These disposable razors are equipped with three blades for a close and clean shave. The ergonomic handle gives you a sturdier grip, and the pivoting head makes for more control and precision as you shave around the curves of your face and body. For extra glide and less friction between the blade and skin, an enhanced lubricating strip is included. The triple blades means less passes over facial or body hairs, which in turn means less irritation. Although these razors have sharp blades that efficiently shave hairs close to the root, they may not be ideal for those with sensitive skin. Still, they are the best disposable razors you can find.

bic hybrid 3 disposable razor blade
Final Word
Disposable razors are highly convenient and affordable, making them a popular choice when it comes to shaving tools. They can come either single-bladed or with multiple blades, and include features such as rubber grips or lubricating strips for those with sensitive skin. Did we miss any best disposable razors worth mentioning? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts on the razors we’ve listed, and recommend some of your favorites.

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