8 Best Dovo Straight Razor Reviews

In this article, we will present the best Dovo straight razor list made of some shaving devices which hit the highest customer satisfaction rating as they are both affordable, durable, and high quality. Also, we will discuss the main features of the top 8 best Dovo straight razors but first we will take a look below at the common characteristics that define all of them.

Key Shared Features of the Best Dovo Straight Razor

These products have a few shared features that made them stand out:

  • Blade Width. To avoid cutting yourself and to benefit from the best shaving experience, these razors have either a 5/8” or a 6/8” width, which is excellent for beginners as well.
  • Blade Material. The products on our list are made from a high-quality blade which is resistant to both rust and water spots. These high-quality blades are made of stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • The Handle. These razors’ handles are made from steel, ebony, olive wood, or horn and they are very durable.

8. Dovo Best Quality 5/8″ Half Hollow

If you’re a beginner looking for a straight razor to use every day, this pick may just be the best Dovo straight razor for you. Dovo is renowned for their quality handles, and this half hollow grind makes no exception, as it allows the user to have maximum control and ensure a forgiving shave. Plus, it’s certified ”ready to shave” and was made in Germany with the finest materials.

7. Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Steel Handle

This straight razor is the most affordable from our list and an ideal shaving tool for travel. The blade is made of platinum coated stainless steel so it is easy to clean and maintain. It is worth mentioning that this type of razor is a popular choice among professional hairstylists and barbers. The only parts of this straight razor that are not made of metal are the black grip and the red blade holder which increase the maneuverability and protect the blade from scratching.

6. Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood Handle

This Dovo straight razor is part of our top Dovo straight razor reviews because it is ideal for sensitive skin as it provides a smooth shave to prevent razor bumps and rashes. Also, the 5/8” half hollow ground blade is composed of carbon steel and the handle is made of ebony wood. This razor has a two-year warranty and features a 3″ carbon steel blade that’s made to last. It’s one of the favorite straight razors among barbers.

5. Dovo Straight Razor Ebony Handle Gold Etched Blade

Just like the previous Dovo straight razor, this one has a durable ebony handle and a high-quality carbon steel blade. In addition, it has a beautiful golden etching and an attractive design. Moreover, this razor is factory shave-ready right out of the box, which means it only requires a bit of honing and stropping. Reviews mention it’s one of the best Dovo straight razors for beginners as it’s steady and very maneuverable.

Cheapest Product

4. Dovo Bismarck Straight Razor

Compared with the previous models in our top Dovo straight razor list, this Bismarck model has a 6/8” shoulderless carbon steel blade which is also full hollow ground and has a golden ‘Bismark’ laser etching. The name of this blade comes from its incredible balance that’s partly due to the weight distribution, and partly to the thumb hold that drastically increases its maneuverability.

3. Dovo Solingen Bismarck Straight Razor

This Dovo Solingen Bismarck is a high-demand straight razor with a 6/8” full hollow carbon steel round point blade. This device is a popular choice for beginners because it has a safe use and provides a comfortable and smooth shave. Besides its black ebony wood handle, it has a 24k golden etching which improves its design. It has an ebony wood handle, a perfectly sculpted tang, and weighs about 50 grams.

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2. Dovo “Diamant” Straight Razor

The Dovo Diamant is one of the best Dovo straight razors thanks to is olivewood handle and unique carbon steel 5/8” full hollow blade. This razor is widely popular for its durability as it is also versatile and lightweight. In addition, reviews mention this Dovo straight razor is very well-balanced and will last for years!

Best Product

1. Dovo “Bergischer Lowe” Buffalo Horn

The Dovo Bufallo made number one in our top Dovo straight razor review because it’s ideal for both daily use and general beard removal. Also, it comes with 5/8” full hollow carbon steel blade, and a natural buffalo horn handle. Moreover, it is lightweight while the golden engravings on the shank, tang, and spine make this Dovo razor a true one-of-a-kind beauty.

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Given the above, our 8 best Dovo straight razor list relied on customer satisfaction, price, quality, and efficiency. These devices made quite an impression on the market as they are all high-demand and best-buy products. When it comes to design, our favorite is definitely the Diamant straight razor – what’s yours?

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