Merkur 34C Review

Favored among many wet shavers, safety razors are made to give you the closest shave possible, and to last for a long time. In this Merkur 34C review, we’re going to explore the features of this heavy-duty razor, a stylish yet effective shaving tool. This razor is not only a quality piece of shaving equipment, it’s also an ideal bathroom tool that doesn’t cost a fortune to own. For those willing to spend a little more for years of clean and precise shaving, the Merkur 34C is an optimal choice that boasts both a beautiful stainless steel design and sharp double-edged blade.

Merkur 34C Heavy Duty
Merkur 34C Product Description

The Merkur 34C razor has a stainless steel handle that fits comfortably in your hand without being too heavy. This helps you use less force on the razor, so as to prevent irritation and accidental nicks. The handle is fairly short (around three inches), so you may have to consider replacing it with a longer one if you have large hands.

On the other hand, the razor supports a double-edged blade, and the two-piece design makes it easier to adjust the blade so that it’s level on both sides. The chrome plating is smooth, and since the crisscrossed knurling is well-made, it won’t give you a slippery feeling, even if it’s covered in shaving cream. The Merkur 34C has a closed comb design, but you can still use it to shave a multi-day beard growth.

It isn’t the most aggressive razor, but it’s ideal for beginners (compared to a three-piece razor), since loading up a blade simply requires a twist of the knob at the bottom to loosen the top plate, placing the blade between the posts, then tightening it.

merkur 34c shaving razor
Merkur 34C Pros

We continue this Merkur 34C review with some of the razor’s most beneficial features. These include its comfortable handle, two-piece design, non-slip knurling, and more.

  • Easy-to-hold handle. The handle of the razor is extra thick, for better grip and more comfortable maneuvering without causing fatigue.
  • Two-piece design. Its two-piece design makes loading and adjusting a blade much less complicated compared to three-piece razors. All it takes is a simple twist of the knob at the bottom to loosen the top plate, then placement of the blade, and then safely tightening both parts.
  • Etched knurling. The knurling features a crisscross design to prevent slipping, which in turn makes for a smooth and accident-free shave.
  • Smooth finish. The razor has a smooth chrome finish, and won’t scratch your face as you shave.
  • Just enough weight. The razor is light enough to prevent unnecessary force on the skin, but heavy enough to assist in a closer shave with each pass.
Merkur 34C Cons

While the Merkur 34C has many advantages, there are a few problems that users have come across as well, and we’re going to detail them in what follows.

  • Short handle. Considering that the handle is only about three inches long, people with large hands may need to replace the handle with a longer one to make the razor easier to hold.
  • Handle is non-adjustable. Unfortunately, the handle isn’t adjustable, which means your only option is to buy a longer handle separately, if the original is too short for you.
  • Not the most aggressive. This isn’t the most aggressive razor, so it may take a couple of passes to get a completely clean shave.
  • Not ideal for coarse hair. Being that this razor isn’t the sharpest out there, you may have some difficulty if you have coarse facial hair.
Accessories and Additional Pieces

You can either purchase the Merkur 34C on its own, or buy it in a set that includes a bundle of quality wet shaving products, such as a badger brush, a chrome-plated stand, sandalwood shaving cream, and a 10-pack of replacement blades.

What Users Say

There’s actually many positive reviews of the Merkur 34C, aside from some nitpicks. One positive review shows favor towards the razor’s weight, since it is light enough to prevent applying too much force, thus accidentally nicking the skin and causing irritation. It is also said that the razor accommodates almost every hair and skin type, especially those with sensitive skin. Although this razor is considered “mild,” it still gets the job done, and leaves little to no razor burns.

Other users say that, while the razor does a relatively good job at shaving, the short handle is a bit of a nuisance (a commonly reported issue). Coarse beards may take a little longer to shave, since this razor isn’t the sharpest, but for beginners with less complicated facial hair, it’s a worthwhile option.

A negative Merkur 34C review complained about the chrome finish chipping, and that the blade didn’t give as close a finish as expected. This ultimately depends on what type of facial hair you have, the blade that is used, and your technique. The razor handle does a great job at preventing slipping, but it seems to be inconveniently short for most users.

Final Word
Overall, as you can see from this Merkur 34C review, many users seem to like this safety razor for its comfortable weight, easy to grip and non-slip handle, and ability to provide a close and smooth shave. You don’t have to apply a lot of force on your face for the blade to do its job, and while the handle is short, this can make it rather easy to control and move the razor around the contours of the face. There are more aggressive razors out there, but this razor is ideal for beginners. We hope this Merkur 34C review can help you decide if this is a razor you want to try or not.

Jeffrey Arvel
Jeffrey Arvel

Jeffrey is a master in the art of beard care and shaving expertise. With a keen eye for trimming, styling, and the perfect shave, Jeffrey is your go-to guru for all things facial hair. His insights not only ensure a well-groomed beard but also offer invaluable advice for a flawless shaving experience.

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