Philips Norelco 8900 Review: Is it worth the money?

Philips Norelco 8900 is an electrical shaver designed to give you a good shaving experience. Its flex shaving head adjusts easily to the contours of your face minimizing issues of irritation and pressure. Furthermore, its Lift & Cut dual blade system catches more hair and it is a good fit for shaving tall, short, and flat-lying hair.

Have you been looking forward to owning the Philips Norelco 8900 shaver? If you have, this article will help you examine its features, advantages, disadvantages, and other users’ reviews of the product. The information will help you make an educated purchasing decision.

Norelco 8900 Product Description

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 8900


Norelco 8900 is a cordless electric shaver for men. It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 60 minutes when fully charged. The electric shaver takes one hour to charge fully. A digital power indicator on the electric shaver lets you monitor and control your energy usage.

The electric shaver from Philips Norelco also has a one touch pop-up trimmer that allows you to shape your beards, mustache, and sideburns into any shaving style of your choice. Its AquaTech design allows you to use the electric shaver for a wet shave or a dry shave.

The Philips Norelco 8900 features a low friction shaving head that glides smoothly on your face, saving you from razor burns and irritation. Also, the shaving head features an UltraTrack system that holds more hair. This feature helps the shaver eliminate more hair in just a single pass.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Pros

Naturally, every person would want to know the benefits of using a particular electric shaver before buying it. Below, we have highlighted some of the notable attributes that make this shaver better than other rotary shavers from other companies.

  • Its features make it a good shaver for sensitive skin. Is your skin sensitive? Then this electric shaver from Philips Norelco might be a good shaver for you. Its pivoting shaving head adjusts effortlessly to the contours of your face minimizing the pressure that can cause irritation. Also, the shaving head glides smoothly on your face.
  • It gives you a smooth shave in a few passes. The second benefit you would receive from this electric shaver is that it has sharp blades that cut quickly through long and short hair. Besides the sharp blades, the shaving head also has slots for short hair, channels for long hair, and holes for stubble hair. These features make shaving easy and comfortable.
  • It is a good fit for people with a mobile lifestyle. Have you been looking for a shaver to groom during your business trip, while camping or traveling? This electric shaver from Philips Norelco might be a good option because its charge lasts for up to 60 minutes giving you the freedom to shave several times before the battery drains.
  • It’s fully washable. Another advantage of using this electric shaver is its washable nature. The shaver features an AquaTech seal. It is a waterproof system that allows you to wash the shaver under running water or even using a detergent. It also comes with a cleaning brush.
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty. Another advantage of this shaver is its generous manufacturer warranty. During this period, you can return the shaver if it develops mechanical issues, or if it does not work as advertised.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver Cons

Even the best products in the market will have some flaws. This is because products will deteriorate and the manufacturers may not be in a position to design a product that impresses all people. Below are some issues that users have fronted regarding the Philips Norelco electric shaver.

  • The shaving heads might need replacement. The first disadvantage of using this electric shaver is that, after regular use, the blades get dull and the shaving head may lose its anti-friction nature. For this reason, the shaver will not cut hair as quickly and as easily as some may desire. A good option would be to replace the heads with new ones. Over time, the cost of replacing the shaving heads accumulates to an amount similar to that of purchasing a new shaver.
  • Its shaving power decreases as the battery continues to drain. Another disadvantage of the shaver is that its shaving power drops as the battery drains. Consequently, you may need more repeated shaves for a clean shave implying that, with low power, you may experience irritation when using the shaver if your skin is sensitive.
  • You may need a cleaning solution to clean jammed hairs and shaving solution. Another downside of using the Philips Norelco 8900: you may need to pay extra to buy a cleaning solution. It will help you clear hair and the cleaning solution held within the blades.
Philips Norelco Shaver 8900 Model 1280X-42

Accessories and Additional Pieces

The standard package of this electric shaver contains a shaver, a charging stand – it holds the shaver when it is charging –. Continuing: a pouch used to store the shaver, a protective cap that shields the shaving head while not in use, a power cord for recharging, and a cleaning brush to keep the shaver clean.

What Users Say

Based on customer reviews, you may find the shaver great or with a few hitches depending on a number of issues. For instance, one user posted on Amazon and recommended the shaver because it works quietly, it charges quickly, and it gives a smooth shave.

Another user says that this electric shaver works great. However, the user claims that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover some parts of the shaver. The user says that Philips Norelco failed to replace a plastic part that pushes the pop-up trimmer.

Another user describes the shaver as pleasant to use referring to it as a shaver that gives decent shaves. However, the user feels that, as regards this Philips Norelco electric shaver, its shaving quality has gone down compared to the past models.

Final Word

Based on our assessment, it’s clear that Norelco 8900 is designed to give you a decent shave when used for a wet or dry shave. It has a pivoting shaving head that adjusts effortlessly to the contours of your face. As such, it might as well be just what you need. Finally, users love its lift and cut system shaves, which are efficient for long, short, and stubble hair. From other users’ reviews, it would be advisable to always use it at full power to avoid skin irritation.

On the one hand, the shaver is fully washable. On the other, its long-lasting battery makes it an excellent option for travelers, campers. As well as users who live a mobile life. Based on the reasons above, we recommend it for our readers.

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