7 Best Safety Razor Travel Cases

Even though they’re a pain to get through security at the airport, a lot of men are starting to trade in their disposable razors and cartridge systems for old-school safety razors. For some, it’s about the romance of the past. For others, it’s about saving the money they would have spent on expensive cartridge refills. If you’re going to go that route, you’ll need somewhere to store your razor, so here is a safety razor travel case list with 7 of the best of them.

1. Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Travel Case

A lot of men complain that in the long-run old-school shaving ends up costing them more in accessories, but Parker proves that your new hobby doesn’t need to be expensive. Parker’s travel case is the perfect entry-level case for the man just getting into safety razors. This little case is great to slip into your gym bag or briefcase, and won’t break the bank.

Genuine Leather Safety Razor Travel Case

Product Description

This case is designed for major safety razor brands, such as Parker, Gillette, and Merkur. The snap-lock design keeps you and your razor safe. It has a separate compartment for the blade so that you don’t cut yourself. This safety razor travel case is designed to fit both long- and short-handle razors.

Shaving like your grandfather is really making a comeback, and this entry on our razor travel cases list is a great choice for those who want to give safety razors a try. With these product ratings and the peace of mind that comes with the Parker name, you just can’t go wrong. This travel case is made from genuine leather, so it’s great value for the money, with a 4.5-star rating on Amazon. You can buy the travel case on Amazon for just $14.75.

2. Razor Storage Case

This storage case is sold directly by Amazon Shaving. It’s a good starter for someone looking for more of a hard case than a leather travel case, and, at this price, it’s also an excellent value. The storage case is designed specifically for Mach-3 razors, but other razors may also fit. And, despite it is named storage case, it can be used as other safety razor travel cases are used too.

Razor Storage Case

Product Description

This handsome case is 6.5 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 1.375 inches high, so it will fit many razors, but you’ll have to check your specific model since it was designed specifically with the Mach-3 in mind. Although the product has a four-star rating, there aren’t many reviews out there, so be sure that it will fit your razor before you take the plunge.

This is a good choice if you want a nice storage case for your Mach-3, or if you have a traditional safety razor that fits. It’s elegance at an affordable price, and you can purchase this storage case at Amazon for just $10.

3. Leather Razor Case from MD Barber Supply


This simple but sturdy safety razor travel case claims to fit any type of razor. It’s a bit longer than most, so that’s a great selling point since you don’t have to worry too much about your razor fitting. The company, MD Barber Supply, makes products for professional barbers, so you’re getting a high-quality product without the big-name price.

Leather Razor Case

Product Description

One drawback is that it’s not real leather, but, at $6.99, that’s to be expected. What’s more important is that this a durable product that’s an excellent value for money. MD’s case has an elastic loop that keeps your razor in one place for safety. It has a metal zipper that keeps your razor from falling out. It is has a padded design. This way, it protects your razor from scratches.

You can buy the leather razor case on Amazon. If you’re trying to rein in on your spending and make using a safety razor a cost-saving proposition, this case is a good investment. It’s portable enough to carry or to store in a bag and durable enough to be well worth the price.

4. Radius Razor Case

If you just need a functional case to store your safety razor at home, the Radius Razor case is a good option. This case is specially designed to properly fit a wide variety of major razor brands and sizes, but its plastic construction makes it very affordable. It’s a great choice for someone just getting into traditional safety razors but who wants to stick to a budget.

Radius Razor Case

Product Description

The Radius Razor safety razor travel case is perfect for newcomers to safety razors or more budget-conscious consumers. Thanks to the oval-shaped design, most safety razors snugly in this case. A locking tab mechanism that makes sure that your razor is safe and stored away. It has a plastic, secure-lock design. This means that, if your razor is still a little wet, it won’t drip into your suitcase, for example

The Radius case is available on Amazon for $6.81. You can pick one up plus a low-end safety-razor, and you’re in business. If you’re mostly concerned with value and not appearance, this plastic razor case from Radius is a good purchase. At this price, it’s a great way to store an inexpensive razor so you can test out metal safety razors and see if they’re a good fit for you.

5. Sheep Napa Leather Safety Razor Travel Case

This product is an unbelievable value. Made from real sheep Napa leather, this protective case is soft and extremely durable. It gives the appearance of being a much more expensive item and has a compartment to keep your blades safe.

Leather Case for Double Edge Safety Razor

Product Description

Measuring 6 inches x 2.5 inches x .75 inch, among other safety razor travel cases, this one will fit most safety razors, but be sure to check, especially if you have a long-handle one. This safety razor travel case is made of genuine leather. This ensures that your razor is safe at all times when traveling. You can use it both when traveling and as a storage point at home.

Reviews are very positive for the most part, but some users found that the fit wasn’t that great with certain razors. The case has a price of $12.99 on Amazon. So, if you wish to have a genuine Napa leather protective case for your razor, this is the ideal travel case to buy. Be sure, however, to check it before buying to make sure that it fits the razor you have.

6. RazorKeeper Super Deluxe Safety Razor Travel Case

This safety razor travel case is made of genuine leather. The main ingredient that makes this piece look so stylish is the vegetable-tanned cowhide leather painted in rich chocolate-brown. For those that love elegance and genuine material, this might be what you’re looking for.

Razor Keeper Travel Case

Product Description

The RazorKeeper is guaranteed to keep the sharp blades of your razor away from your fingers. Its design and closing mechanism ensure the protection of the blades and handles from any type of damage. It has an elegantly streamlined design. And the best part is that the non-slip matte finish and its color are suitable for any lifestyle type.

This razor travel case is made of impact-resistant ABS plastic. Your razor is safe. And if you happen to drop the travel case, it won’t break. It has a Non-snagging material. This ensures that no hinges or outside latches are to snag on other objects inside of your travel bag and break. Another feature is that it is easy to clean thanks to its two-part design. You can use the bottom part as a razor tray during your stay at a hotel. There is, however, a disclaimer stating that it is compatible only with some safety razors, so better check before buying. On Amazon, this piece costs $17.95.

7. Parker Double Edge Zippered Safety Razor Travel Case


This safety razor is made of high-quality saddle leather case. This makes sure that your safety razor, and its blades, are safe and sound. The case has a design that can hold standard safety razors that have either a long or short handle. The maximum length that can be stored is 5 inches. This brown case has genuine YKK zippers, and the manual stitching adds up to the quality and safety that the case offers.

Genuine Leather Safety Razor Travel Case

It has a snap-tongue mechanism that keeps the blades securely tucked in the case as to not slip from their place when moving. Travel and daily usage: overall, the protection that this case offers for your razor is a plus. You can use it both for traveling purposes or for daily storage. Overall, this is a high-quality product that every man that likes the old style shaving method should have. On Amazon, this zipped case is $25. You should see if your razor fits in, though, for it is not a universal size travel case.

Final Word

There certainly are a lot of safety razor travel cases to fit your best needs. Be it genuine leather, or imitation leather. Be them universally-sized, or particularly made for one size type, these are guaranteed buys. And, at these prices, it is almost a must for those who like to shave off their beard in a classic style.

Share your opinions regarding these safety razor travel cases, or, if you already own one, share your thoughts with us. Our readers’ experience is most welcome.

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