Butterfly Shaver Bald Eagle Smart Review

Whether you need or want to shave your head, this Bald Eagle Smart review will give you is here to help you in both situations.

If you are going bald and you feel embarrassed, you can purchase this product to help you get a nice head contour. Younger men who face this problem won’t have to worry that they won’t look attractive anymore.

Based on the statistics, millions of men usually shave their heads using basic electric shavers, disposable razors, and safety razors. But none of these tools is 100 percent efficient in shaving the entire area of the skull.

No one likes to get an incomplete shave because it is frustrating. The human cranium doesn’t have a perfectly smooth surface because it has many depressions, bumps, and ridges. In addition to this, the human head is quite large, so you need to move a lot in order to get a good view of the area you are shaving.

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

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People who use normal electric razors are unaware of the fact that even if their safety razor blades provide a good shave, they are designed to shave the smooth skin surface of the neck and face.

In other words, if you attempt to shave your head using these devices, you should know that you won’t get the best shaving experience and you might end up with missed patches of hair, razor burns, and skin nicks.

Now, you can benefit from a new product which might be considered the best butterfly safety razor. Check out our following review about the Bald Eagle Smart Shaver LCD, a unique device which is designed only for full head shaving.

By using the Skull Shaver, you can also get a painless and clean face or neck shave. It is worth mentioning that some women began using this product to shave their legs.

Bald Eagle Butterfly Shaver Features

  • This product comes with a revolutionary design consisting of a horizontal handle which is much better than classic vertical handles used in electric razors. Thanks to this handle, you will no longer be exposed to accidental drops, awkward grip adjustments, or painful wrist angles.
  • You will enjoy a painless and quick shave of your entire neck, face, and head.
  • This butterfly razor is equipped with a concave, big, swirling-shaped head with five independent rotary cutters. Their large size allows the user to remove wide areas of hair in no time.
  • The foil blades are very flexible allowing the head to flex and pivot easily. This way, the head of the shaver adjusts to every skull curve. This feature makes this product a safety razor butterfly for a comfortable, close, and fast shave.

Bald Eagle Butterfly Shaver Advantages

  • One of the best things about this butterfly shaver is its comfortable grip, which allows users to shave the back of the head in any possible direction.
  • This butterfly safety razor provides customers with a painless shaving thanks to its flexible head, high-quality rotary cutters, and powerful motor. Users confessed that they almost never felt their hair pulled during the shaving process.
  • Cleaning the Bald Eagle is very easy because you don’t need to open the heads of the shaver. Based on reviews, the cleaning process takes around two minutes.
  • The butterfly shaver is equipped with a high-power lithium-ion rechargeable battery. You can benefit from up to 90 minutes of cordless shaving on each full charge. In other words, you will only need to charge it a few times every month.

Skull Shaver Bald Eagle Smart

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Bald Eagle Smart Shaver LCD Disadvantages

  • The only possible disadvantage consists of the fact that this razor doesn’t provide the closest shave. Electric razors cannot provide the perfect close shave, whereas manual razor blades can. However, if you use the Bald Eagle daily for a few weeks, your hair follicles will get used to the device, so you will be able to benefit from a very close shave.

What users say?

The Bald Eagle Smart Shaver LCD has made a great impression on the market and most customers enjoyed it. Currently, the product has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, which is quite impressive.
Some bad reviews were related to missing parts, as sometimes Skull Shaver products were shipped without some accessories. However, the customer service department solved the problem as soon as possible.

A few customers complained that the Bald Eagle made some strange noises during the first use. However, you can fix this issue by making sure the drive socket collar and the shaver head assembly are properly attached to each other.

SS Bald Eagle Kit  Skull Shaver Bald Eagle  Skull Shaver Bald Eagle

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Is Bald Eagle Butterfly Shaver Worth your Money?

Overall, this butterfly shaver has many strong points including excellent online reviews, high-quality components, and a unique design.

In case you are not satisfied with the product, Skull Shaver offers a satisfaction guarantee, full refund, and return postage pay for every product. So if you want to purchase a great butterfly shaver, then the Bald Eagle Smart LCD is a safe investment and a great shaving alternative.

Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Electric Razor Review

The Norelco name is synonymous with electric shavers, and this Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Electric Razor is a basic entry-level travel entry from the industry giant. Retailing for around $15, this is a great machine for people looking to invest in a travel shaver that they can use for several years but that is still portable and convenient enough to use on the go. Although it’s missing a few features that Norelco reserves for its more upscale models, the Philips Norelco PQ208/40 provides quality and a few advanced functionalities that set it apart in its price class.

Product Description

Philips Norelco PQ208 Electric Razor


The Philips Norelco PQ208/40 is the most basic model in Norelco’s PowerTouch series. Of course, the machine uses Norelco’s signature flexing heads design that makes for a close shave. The machine goes for more than three hours on a single charge, which is extremely convenient for both daily use and travel. It also has some great features unique to Norelco, such as self-sharpening blades, which aren’t usually found at this price. Not to mention that you get the peace of mind of Norelco quality and their solid warranty.

Most users find Norelco electric razors to be very comfortable on sensitive skin because of the multi-head design. Unfortunately, this model isn’t safe for wet shaving, which is bad news for people who suffer from irritation. However, this model, or any Norelco, would be a great starter for a new shaver thanks to the quality design.

Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Electric Razor – Pros and Cons


It’s easy to point out the good stuff on a Philips Norelco electric razor, but this model doesn’t come equipped with all the fancy features you might expect.

  • Warranty. You get Norelco’s gold-standard two-year warranty to protect your investment. This protects you from problems that develop down the line, which the retailer’s warranty doesn’t cover.
  • Corded and non-corded use. This is not a common feature on most electric shavers, particularly in this price range. It’s extremely convenient to be able to use the machine with a cord if the battery is dead.
  • Comfort. Norelco is well-known for its innovative design that hugs the contours of your face to minimize irritation and discomfort.
  • Self-sharpening blades. This is another feature that is unheard of in an entry-level model such as this. These blades give a close shave that won’t get from many other razors at this price. What’s more, you can easily replace heads every year to keep them working like new. You’ll also save money in the long run over having to buy a cheap disposable electric razor every year.
  • Lithium-ion battery. The shaver will run for about 3-4 hours on a single charge, which means your razor will be ready when you need it. Another plus is that most Norelco machines are dual-voltage, meaning you don’t have to worry about damage if you travel to a country that uses hire alternating current voltages.


Because this is Norelco’s starter model, it’s missing a few features which you might expect on a machine for this price. It’s still a good value, but it may not be worth going with this basic entry.

  • No wet shaving. This is one of Philips Norelco’s specialties, and it’s a shame that this razor doesn’t have that capability for the price.
  • No precision trimmer. Not having a trimming attachment is a major drawback at this price, so it probably isn’t worth it if you need to maintain a mustache.
  • No quick charge. Other Philips Norelco electric razors have a quick charge system for a one-off shave if the battery is dead. Unfortunately, Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Electric Razor doesn’t come with that feature.
  • No pivot. Philips Norelco’s other electric razors have an easy pivot feature that makes it possible to get to hard-to-reach spots. Sadly, this one does not come with that useful feature.
  • Not a complete solution. At this price, you wouldn’t expect a complete grooming system from a top brand, but this model is particularly disappointing since it’s not even designed for trimming.

Accessories and Other Additional Pieces

This is Philips Norelco’s entry-level model, so it doesn’t come with a lot of extras. Aside from the razor, you get a power cord, cleaning brush, protector cap, and pouch.

What Users Say

The vast majority of users were extremely satisfied with this model. It’s not easy to find a travel razor for around $15 that provides a close, comfortable shave. Some people complain over the razor’s inability to deal with coarse hair, but this is predictable with a less expensive dry-shave model.

Nonetheless, users were generally very happy with their razor’s performance, with several people pointing out that they had used their shavers for years. Many reviewers wrote that this Philips Norelco electric razor had offered the same level of quality as far more expensive models.

Final Word

It’s hard to find an inexpensive electric razor that’s worth the money. Often the best advice is just to spend a little more for a more worthwhile investment. However, Philips Norelco has produced a travel shaver that’s in a class of its own. Whether you purchase Philips Norelco PQ208/40 Electric Razor for regular use or back-up, it’s safe to say you’ll get your money’s worth.


Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver Review

Panasonic continues to make headway in the electric shaver industry with razors for every budget that compete favorably with the old favorites. The Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver is a lightweight travel shaver that offers up a close shave rivaling much more expensive options. Tiny and stout-shaped, Panasonic’s travel entry isn’t easy on the eyes, but appearances can be deceiving. If you’re looking for a travel shaver for just over $20, you should most certainly consider this Panasonic. In this review, I’ll lay out the advantages and disadvantages of this little razor to help you decide if it’s for you.

Product Description

This extremely compact unit weighs just under three ounces, including the foil cover, and features long-lasting steel blades that make for a close shave that you would expect from a more sophisticated model. The floating blade design follows the contours of the face and provides a comfortable shave without irritation. However, being so small and oddly shaped, it’s probably not the best machine for a teenager getting started with shaving. It’s also not safe for wet shaving.

The Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver is a quality shaver at an affordable price. The unit features aluminum front and rear panels and stainless steel blades. The unit is also conveniently powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. This machine is primarily aimed at male shavers, although some women might find it useful, especially at this price.

Panasonic Men's Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-S

Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver – Pros and Cons

Despite its unusual appearance, this model has a lot going for it. It’s an exceptional value at this price and high-quality manufactured, unlike a lot of competitors at higher price points. In short, it works.


  • Panasonic quality. At just $20, priced even lower than some flimsier models out there, this little Panasonic shaver offers up a top-quality shave that you wouldn’t expect from a travel shaver. You also have the peace of mind of Panasonic’s factory warranty and customer service on top of the retailer’s.
  • Compact but sturdy. Weighing in at just under 3 oz., this machine is definitely geared toward people on the go. However, despite the low price, it isn’t your typical holiday gift junk. Some users have been using this as their main shaver for years, which is no mean feat even for the most expensive shavers out there.
  • Uses AA batteries. That makes it easy to maintain and no need to worry about a fancy charging system having problems or replacing a proprietary battery. Not being able to replace batteries are one of the main reasons that people have to purchase new machines in the first place, so it pays to think ahead about this issue.
  • Straightforward. This is a simple model for those who just need a shaver. It won’t replace trimmers or complete grooming systems, but it’s a good backup and travel razor.
  • Easily replaceable blade. The foil and blade kit can be easily obtained from Amazon if you need a replacement in the future. Finding parts for minor brands is impossible in many cases, so that is an advantage of going with a brand name like Panasonic.

Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver


There isn’t much to say as the Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S shaver is a high-quality product, but it’s a very basic shaver that won’t meet everyone’s needs. On the other hand, these are mostly limitations because it’s a travel razor.

  • No corded use. While this is par for the course with a travel shaver such as this, if you’re in the market for something you use every day, you might prefer a machine that doesn’t need to be charged up beforehand. Replacing batteries will add up quickly as well.
  • Probably not the best choice for a daily shaver. Although this little Panasonic can hold its own compared to more expensive models, it’s primarily a travel shaver, and men with problematic beards will probably get a lot more mileage out of a higher-end razor.
  • Instructions in Japanese. Since this product was made for the Japanese market, the instruction booklet is in Japanese. Panasonic provides customer service through its website, though, if you need service.
  • Odd-looking. This is no big deal, but it probably won’t be your first choice as a Christmas present.
  • Hard to Grip. The wide body is a little uncomfortable on your hands, which is another reason why it might not be your best option for a permanent, daily shaver.

Attachments and Additional Pieces

Most travel shavers don’t include a lot of attachments. The Panasonic Men’s ES-RS10-S doesn’t come with a carrying case. It includes a plastic cover, 2 AA batteries, and a cleaning brush. A big plus is that it’s easy to order replacement blades and covers from Amazon and the Panasonic website.

Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver

What Users Say

The Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S shaver gets rave reviews, for the most part. Several users praise the quality and say they even use it for their daily shave even though it’s a travel shaver. There are also the typical complaints about it not working on tough beards, but that is typical with this type of razor. Men with very coarse beards should probably look to a more expensive model, not a travel razor like this.

Final Words

They say that you get what you pay for, but, in this case, that’s a good thing. This Panasonic is definitely not a false economy. It’s primarily a battery-powered travel shaver, but the Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S shaver is a tough workhorse that is worth the price and competes favorably with other, rather higher-end shavers. In fact, if you’re in the market for a daily shaver in the low $20 range, this shaver is a contender, too.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver Review

Braun has been making electric shavers since the 1960s, when they pioneered the steel foil style of shavers. Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is the marriage of Braun tradition of quality with convenience. The portable design makes the men razor perfect for road warriors, and, at $23, it makes a great backup razor for use while traveling. The M90, with its innovative and simple design, is an excellent value at the lower price-range. In this article, you’ll find out about the model features and how it stacks up against the competition.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver – Product Description

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver


The flat, lightweight design makes this razor very easy to use. It uses Braun’s signature “wide floating foil,” although some customers complain that the foil doesn’t work very well on thick or long hair. Therefore, it’s probably best for daily shavers or those who don’t need to shave frequently. The machine works well on sensitive skin and can be used both with dry and wet shaving.

The fact that the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is AA-battery powered adds its convenience and portability. The low price and ease of use make it perfect for a new shaver who just needs a good machine, not a ton of superfluous features. This razor is available on Amazon for $22.90.


Here are the main advantages of purchasing the Braun M90 Mobile shaver.

  • Price. It’s not the cheapest razor out there, but it’s excellent value for the money. It’s slightly pricier than some other similar models on the market, but you pay for the Braun name. Another plus is that replacement foils are also easy to get. Unfortunately, they’re expensive at around half the price of a new razor, so it might be better to just go with a new one. All in all, it’s a basic model that does what it says.
  • Portability. Lightweight and easy to handle, this machine will go anywhere. It’s perfect for people on the go, and it would make a great back-up for travelers. It’s battery-powered, so you can use it anywhere, even in your car between jobs, for example
  • Battery-powered. It uses AA batteries, which solves a lot of problems. Many of these lower-end shavers end up being chucked after a year or two because the batteries go bad. No problem here.
  • Wide foil style. This razor is good for users with sensitive skin and works great with wet shaving. This also makes it a breeze to clean under running water. Everybody knows how annoying it is to have to waste your time on razor maintenance after shaving.
  • Ease of Use. No bells and whistles are included except for the trimmer hookup. It would make a good temporary replacement while researching higher-end models for more features.


Although this is a nice little razor, it has some shortcomings.

  • Not aggressive enough for some users. This is clearly not the razor for people who like to let their beard grow out for a while and then shave.
  • Cost of batteries. While being powered by AA batteries is convenient and could potentially mean that you’ll be able to keep it for a long time, you need to factor in the cost of replacing batteries around every two weeks.
  • Not a full trimmer. While it comes with a trimming attachment, this surely is not an all-in-one grooming machine.
  • Cost of replacement foil. As mentioned above, if you want to keep your machine and get a new foil, you’ll end up paying around half the cost of a new M90. You’ll probably need a new foil within 1-3 years. At least replacements are easy to find.
  • Quality of foil. There are lots of complaints about the foil being flimsy.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Accessories and Additional Pieces

This is a simple, bare-bones model, so the only additional pieces are the precision trimmer, the two AA alkaline batteries, and a protective twist cap. The trimmer makes this affordable machine an option for users who need a razor to trim and maintain their beard. Replacement foils can easily be ordered on Amazon.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver – What Users Say

Reviews of the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver have been mostly positive, although there are some qualms about its durability and its ability to handle fuller, longer beard. One long-time Braun user pointed out that the foil on his machine cracked after just a year of use. Another user was annoyed that the machine didn’t do a great job with curled hairs.

Several users also stated that the razor just doesn’t handle longer hair and thick beard, but that is a fairly typical complaint about electric razors in general and especially lower-end models. The consensus is that the machine is good for light shaving and trimming. Even comments with criticisms were generally positive, and many of the issues were normal problems you would expect from a $23 razor.

Braun M90 Shaver

Final Words

Most people go through the drudgery of having to shave, and almost everyone has had that junky electric razor that they had to get rid of after a week or two. This surely is not that razor. On the contrary, the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is a straightforward model at an entry-level price. Although it’s probably not going to get you through the next twenty years, it’s an affordable option for someone looking for a comfortable shave. Its portable design makes it a great choice for those who travel.

Shavetech USB Electric Razor Review

Imagine you’ve been making connecting flights from airport to airport for hours and you’ve finally arrived at your destination. By the time you get to your hotel and get settled it’s nearly midnight. But you have an important meeting the next morning and you mentally run through what you’re going to do the next morning. That’s when you realize that your shaver isn’t charged! If you had the Shavetech USB Electric Razor, you’d just plug it into your laptop, and problem solved.

Product Description

shavetech usb travel shaver

The Shavetech USB Electric Razor is fairly basic as far as its functionality, but, at $23, it’s good value for your money. Its sleek, attractive design catches your attention; it looks more like a smartphone than a shaver. Also, its lightweight and compact size add to the value. Most users report no issues with irritation and are happy with the shaver’s performance.

This product is definitely geared toward the frequent traveler and would make a great second shaver for those who go away on business a lot. Since it’s just a basic shaver, it’s more of a men’s razor, but it definitely would be of interest to women looking for a basic, USB-powered shaver. It would work well for someone new to shaving, since it’s a simple, straightforward model, although USB-only might not be the best way to go in that case.

Shavetech USB Electric Razor – Pros and Cons


  • USB-powered. You don’t even need a USB cable since it comes with a retractable cord for plugging in. It’s perfect for international travelers who will no longer need to worry as much about adapters and converters. All you need to do is find a USB port and you’re ready to go. USB-powered shavers are not common in this price-range.
  • Design and size. The slim design makes it perfect to store in purses or carry-on baggage. It would make a perfect gift for a frequent traveler. In addition, the compact size makes it great for hard-to-reach nose hair.
  • Simple and easy to use. This no-fuss razor will you have you up and running in no time.
  • Decent charge time. The Shavetech USB Electric Razor fully charges in about four hours for around thirty minutes of use. The long-lasting charge-up means you’re unlikely to get stuck with a dead battery.
  • Easy to clean. The foil hood is detachable for easy cleaning.


  • No other power options. This is to be expected in a more entry-level model, but what if you don’t have a device with a USB port handy? Corded capability in addition to USB power would be nice. As it stands, while this is an interesting machine, most people will be interested in the shaver as an additional machine, short-term substitute, or as a gift.
  • No trimming attachments.Even lower-end shavers often come with some sort of precision trimmer for beard and mustache maintenance.
  • No wet shaving.Unfortunately, this model isn’t safe for wet shaving. Although it comes with a brush and a removable top for easy cleaning, cleaning would definitely be easier if it were safe to use under running water.
  • On-switch doesn’t lock-down.There have been several reports of the razor switching on while stored in a bag due to shuffling around and the battery running down. Judging from some of the complaints, the machine doesn’t seem to be very resistant to abuse, so it’s probably a good idea to carefully store it in its case when carrying it around in a bag.
  • Not an all-in-one solution. While this razor does what it says, it’s just a basic shaver and won’t meet everyone’s needs. Customers looking for a machine that does a wider range of grooming should probably look elsewhere.

Accessories and Additional Pieces

This is a pretty basic machine, so it doesn’t include much in the way of accessories. The Shavetech USB shaver comes with a carrying case and cleaning brush. There’s no indication that replacement foils are available, so that might be a consideration when deciding on this model.

What Users Say

Most users are fairly pleased with the razor. One user says he ordered the razor specifically for its size and uses it to deal with stubborn nose and ear hair. A few users left extremely negative reviews. The worst of these reviews seem to be manufacturer defects, but that is to be expected at this price point.

Although most users are satisfied with the shaver, as with most machines, there are some users who need to take several passes to shave completely. A few thought the shaver was somewhat shoddy and broke easily. All in all, most users thought that the shaver was extremely efficient and that it worked better than other more expensive shavers.

Final Word

This is an impressive little razor, but it is what it is. For those looking for a USB shaver, there aren’t that many options and very few in this price range. People who need a shave from time to time, while traveling, are likely to be most pleased with this razor.

However, some customers said they replaced more expensive brand-name razors with Shavetech’s. The Shavetech USB electric razor is a high-value option for users needing a budget and compact shaver that can still get the job done.


Remington R95 Rotary Travel Shaver

The Remington R95 Rotary travel shaver is one of the smallest electric razors on the market. The diminutive shaver provides a solid shave at an affordable price, despite its size. For around $15, you get Remington quality and a number of features usually only found in more expensive models. This machine truly lives up to the adage that good things really do come in small packages.

Product Description

Remington R95 Rotary travel shaver


The Remington R95 is a good example of stylish design at an affordable price; it looks like a much more expensive machine. This black and silver razor uses a rechargeable LED battery with charge indicator and automatically adjusts for voltage, making it perfect for international travelers. This rotary razor has a dual-track system, made up of 21 tiny blades, which serves up the kind of shave that’s hard to get with a machine, especially a less expensive one.

At approximately 10cm x 7cm x 3cm, this machine is meant to appeal to people looking for a lightweight and portable option. As for shaving quality, most reviews are quite good, so even shoppers in the market for a daily-use machine might consider the Remington R95 rotary travel shaver as a possible option. It’s mostly designed to be a men’s razor, and because of its size and ease of use would be a good starter razor for a new shaver. You can find this Remington shaver on Amazon for $17.99.

Remington R95 Rotary travel shaver – Pros and Cons


  • Value. The Remington R95 Rotary travel shaver has an entry-level price for a travel shaver. However, provides a high-quality shaving experience. It also comes with a couple of great features that are hard to find at this price point.
  • Compact. It’s one of the smallest shavers on the market, which makes it perfect for frequent travelers and those who need to groom on the go. Its size makes it ergonomic and easy to use.
  • Sturdy. Although it’s an inexpensive model, this Remington isn’t an example of slipshod workmanship. The razor allows for a firm grip, and the ON/OFF switch is cleverly designed to prevent accidentally switching on the unit.
  • Lithium battery. These less expensive razors often run on AA batteries, which means you end up buying the razor several times over in battery purchases. However, this shaver is powered by a Lithium battery, which greatly improves your return on investment.
  • Universal voltage. Again, this little razor comes equipped with features that are hard to find at this price. Universal voltage makes this a perfect fit for a cost-conscious road warrior.


  • Battery life. Although this Remington certainly gets an extra point for the lithium battery, the razor’s battery life is a little below average. This razor takes around 8 hours to charge with a maximum of thirty minutes of use. While this is the general range you find in this market segment, it is still a little on the low side. It should work well for those who just need a few minutes a day, but it could be a real inconvenience if you needed it in a pinch and the battery was dead.
  • Lack of trimming attachments. This isn’t a deal breaker for most people, but it greatly limits the razor’s functionality to a good backup for travelers.
  • Lack of replacement blades. Remington blades are a bit on the expensive side. If replacement blades were available, they would probably cost more than a new machine. Unfortunately, when you purchase this razor, you are basically only buying, perhaps, two or three years of use.
  • Not waterproof. Although it’s not common in this price range, it would be nice if the machine could be used for wet shaving. This also makes cleaning the razor a bit more time-consuming.
  • Tricky cleaning process. The cleaning process, although simple, could turn into a chore for users who are not used to cleaning rotary razors. It surely involves removing the head and removing all of the blades and cleaning them with a brush and then reassemble them.

Accessories and Additional Pieces

This is a very basic razor, so you won’t find a lot in the box other than the unit itself. You get a plastic cap, charging cord, and cleaning brush. A travel case would have made the Remington R95 a more attractive buy, especially considering it is a travel razor.

What Users Say

User reviews on Amazon are extremely positive for the most part. Most users praise the Remington R95 Rotary travel shaver. The usual caveat is that it might not work that well on coarse beards. Many users liked the design and grip, although a few users felt that it was difficult to get a firm hold on such a small machine. A few people also said that it’s not the best razor for users with very sensitive skin.

Negative reviews were not as common, but a few shavers complained about product defects, the most common being a faulty on/off switch and being too aggressive on sensitive skin.

Note: This product is featured on our list of the best travel shavers in 2018; if it isn’t exactly what you were looking for, check it out!

Final Word

The Remington R95 Rotary travel shaver is a strong entry in the inexpensive travel razor category. Choose this machine if you are looking for a travel razor with lithium battery charging and corded use, not a trimmer. Those who would prefer an AA-battery powered shaver or need a beard trimmer have other options.