10 Best Pre-shave Oils in 2018

Shaving unwanted facial, head, or body hair without the right pre-shave oils can be a daunting experience. Choosing from the different options 0n the market today is no easy task either. The best pre shave oil will go a long way in making your shaving process better. Below are the top rated pre-shave oils reviewed to make your search simpler.

10. The Gentlemen’s Refinery ‘The Standard’ Pre-Shave Oil

‘The Standard’ pre-shave oil consists of sunflower seed oil, lime oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E, and roman chamomile. These ingredients render the product entirely organic and natural. It is suited for men with sensitive skin. The oil is easy to apply, smells great and rinses off perfectly.

It can last you several months as you need just a small pump per use. The great news is it does not pile up between the blades and, thus, protects the shaver from possible injuries. As much as the price tag may not be attractive, the oil is well worth it for shaving at any level.

The Gentlemens Refinery 'The Standard' Pre-Shave Oil

9. eShave pre-shave oil

The composition of a product is a major factor to keep in mind when looking to buy the best pre shave oil. Within this product are oils such as cotton seed oil, sweet almond oil, grape seed oil and castor oil. It also contains un-natural ingredients like fragrance and Benzyl Benzoate.

Buyers who wish for a pocket-friendly oil would not opt for this product. However a feature such as its care to the sensitive skin has made buyers overlook the price tag. It is used mostly by men for their beards. For best results, you can coat the beard with the oil and gently glide a blade through.

eShave Pre Shave Oil

8. Truefitt and Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil

Truefitt is a highly natural product. It comprises of sunflower seed oil, tangerine peel oil, avocado oil and grapefruit peel oil among other essential oils. It is a product used mainly by men with heavy beards and sensitive skin. It provides an extra layer of protection that ensures a smooth, clean shave.

Nobody likes the hustle of washing off oil after a shave. The great news is the oil rinses off quite easily. It also has an attractive manly scent. The product increases comfort by eliminating razor bumps. Aside from the convenience, ease of a razor gliding, and smell, it also does not clog the pores or the blades.

Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Pre-Shave Oil

7. Premium Lubricating Pre-Shave Oil by Shaveology

Shaveology is a family owned business, where they strive to produce what is best for buyers. Premium Lubricating pre-shave oil comprises of sunflower oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, walnut oil, and, Caprylyl Glycol Triglyceryl. All these components are natural and great for the skin. The natural oils keep the skin soft and rejuvenated. The shave oil is perfect for beginners in the shaving business.

immediately it is opened, the product dispenses a strong smell. In spite of this factor, users only require a small amount at a time which allows the smell to fade away. If you are looking to have a great shaving experience, this is the product for you.

Shaveology Lubricating Pre-Shave Oil

6. Bull and Bell Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil

The main selling point of this product is its conditioning feature. Various buyers hold it in high regard as it does not irritate the skin and retains moisture. Its ingredients are avocado oil, vitamin E, fragrance and apricot oil. Most of these ingredients are natural and safe for the skin. The only unnatural element is the fragrance.

Buyers can use the product for a very long time without it running out abruptly.it is smooth and allows the razors to glide with ease. If you are looking for a natural product with a gentle touch of fragrance, this is the best pre shave oil for you.

Bull and Bell Premium Supply Co Sandalwood Pre-Shave Oil

Note: This particular product is currently unavailable. Check out other options below or take a look at this wonderful alternative from Lather & Wood Shaving Co. that has an all-natural formula suitable for sensitive skin as well.

5. Taylor Of Old Bond Street Pre-Shave Oil

The vintage-packaged, pre-shave oil has been in the market since time immemorial. Its ingredients include citral, fragrance, and Isomethyl Ionine. Most buyers would opt for a more natural option. If you are a buyer with severe skin sensitivity, this is not the product for you. The product is not fairly priced considering the small size of the bottle.

This oil has a subtle scent of cloves. This feature has attracted numerous users over time. The product is highly viscous, gentle to the skin, and lasts for a long time. Taylor of Old Bond Street is a best pre shave oil for beginners and as a gift.

Taylor of Old Bond Street Sandalwood Pre Shave Oil

4. Pacific Shaving Company Shaving Oil

The Pacific Shaving Company produces one of the best pre shave oils with 100% natural ingredients and completely animal-friendly. A few of the constituents are avocado oil, grapefruit peel oil, sunflower seed oil, bergamot fruit oil and vitamin E. Users shaving with a cartridge blade or a double edge razor experience the slickest feel.

The oil is relatively expensive going for roughly $14 per ounce. Pacific shaving oil is neither too thick nor too thin, with just the right amount of viscosity. If you are shaving for the first time or you are curious to try something new, this is the pre-shave oil for you.

Pacific Shaving Company Natural Shaving Oil

3. Proraso Pre-Shave Cream For Sensitive Skin

Proraso is the best pre shave oil when it comes to its ingredients. Some of the ingredients used include water, Stearic Acids, Sorbitol, glycerin, fragrance, and oats just to mention a few. The catch is that Proraso does not have Isopropyl Myristate, which usually clogs the pores. The oats in the cream are a natural exfoliator and moisturizer.

The disadvantage to this oil is the chemical content which is on the higher side. On the better side, the product does not clog your blade, and your skin is left moisturized and smooth. Anyone with super sensitive skin can use this product. The product is suited for both beginners and experts.

Proraso Pre-Shave Cream

Note: If you have high skin sensitivity and are looking for a solution, we recommend reading our article on the best shaving gels for sensitive skin

2. Art Of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil

The Art of Shaving is the second best pre shave oil on this list. Its most desirable feature is that it is purely natural and unscented. The oil constitutes castor oil and olive oil. It is thus thicker compared to its counterparts in the industry. This higher viscosity still guarantees a comfortable shave with a smooth feel.

Users apply a small amount while cutting to avoid clogging between the blades. The minimal application allows the product to last longer. As much as the pricing is on the higher side, the art of shaving still ranks highly among the best pre shave oils. It is an excellent choice for beginners or anyone who wants to try something new.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil

1. Musgo Real Pre-Shave Oil

Musgo Real pre-shave oil derives its name from the Portuguese Musgo. It consists of sweet almond, grape, leaf juice, spearmint, tea tree, and peppermint. The oil is in an attractive premium glass bottle. It is a thinner oil compared to most pre-shave oils. This factor prevents clogging on razor blades.

It lubricates the skin, prevents razor bumps and skin rashes. If you are fighting with stubborn hair, this is the oil for you. The product is well suited for shaving beards. Any other people looking to reduce unwanted hair can use it.

Musgo Real Pre Shave Oil

Note: This particular product is currently unavailable, but you can check out the highly-rated pre-shave oil from Taconic Shave instead.


Shaving can be an amazing experience if you have the right pre-shave oils, and according to online ratings and reviews, the best pre shave oil seems to be the Musgo one. However, Art of Shaving and Proraso also make reliable products. Do you have other suggestions that were not included in this top?

10 Best Aftershave Balms in 2018

Aftershave balms are a must if you have sensitive skin, if you get razor burn easily, or you just want an extra layer of protection against environmental factors for your baby-soft skin. The best after shave balm should have a creamy texture, be non-comedogenic, soothe and moisturize the skin after a shave, and have a discreet smell. These balms were chosen based on their effectiveness, ingredients, and ratings and reviews from verified customers.

10. L’Oreal Paris Men Expert Hydra Energetic After Shave

This after shave balm rejuvenates the skin while also protecting it from harmful UV rays with its SPF 15. It does not contain alcohol and can also be used as a face balm, not only an aftershave balm. While the manufacturer states this balm does not contain any alcohol, some customers mention it can create a tingling sensation on the skin after shaving, mostly due to its active ingredients. This balm has a delicate and fresh orange fragrance appreciated by many of those who purchased and used this product.

Customer rating:

9. Bee Bald Heal Post-Shave Healing Balm

The post-shave balm by Bee Bald is able to calm and soothe freshly shaven skin immediately after applying it. The manufacturer also takes pride in the effects of this balm: it is able to improve the aspect of nicks, cuts, and other skin blemishes caused by razor burn and shaving if applied repeatedly. The formula contains natural extracts like oat kernel extract, aloe juice powder, durian extract, licorice root, goji, honey & pollen, plus other botanical extracts. This is one of the best aftershave balms for men looking for a natural option, and the best one for those who shave their head. According to online reviews, this works great, has a delicate smell, and is highly moisturizing.

Customer rating:

8. Bull Dog Original After Shave Balm

This after shave balm is designed for sensitive skin and contains jojoba and sunflower oil, shea butter, and aloe vera extract among its active ingredients. This is a vegan and cruelty-free product that does not contain parabens, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, or SLS. Even though the scent is not the longest lasting – according to customer reviews, it can last for about 4 hours – this product is praised by verified customers for its gentle and effective formula. According to reviews, it does indeed get rid of nicks, cuts, and razor burn and keeps skin clear and moisturized.

Customer rating:

7. Burt’s Bees Natural Skin Care for Men Aftershave

This after shave balm contains a wide array of natural oils and vegetal extracts that moisturize and heal skin that has been damaged or weakened by shaving. According to customer reviews, this after shave balm has a fresh manly scent that fades away in a few hours. Customers also mention that a little goes a long way with this product; they also note, however, that too much product will leave the face feeling slimy. All in all, this is the best after shave balm for those who want a rich after shave balm with a discreet scent.

Customer rating:
Cheapest Product

6. Proraso After Shave Balm

This after shave balm by Proraso was created specifically for sensitive skin, has a rich, non-sticky, and non-greasy formula, and is completely free of alcohol. It hydrates and tones freshly shaven skin with the help of eucalyptus oil, menthol, and other natural ingredients. The formula is cruelty-free, contains more than 95% natural ingredients, and is completely free of silicones, SLS, parabens, and mineral oils. Customer reviews mention this works well with any type of shave but is really effective after shaving with a straight razor or for those with thick hairs, yet sensitive skin.

Customer rating:

5. Weleda After Shave Balm

This after shave balm by Weleda contains jojoba oil, aloe vera extract, shea butter, myrrh, and other mostly natural ingredients. Customers say it absorbs quickly and effectively into the skin, nourishes it, and soothes irritation and small cuts. The myrrh it contains has antiseptic and astringent properties that help with closing down any superficial cuts. Customers also add this balm has a rich, yet lightweight texture and will last a long time as you only need a small amount for it to work. Nevertheless, given its quick-absorbing nature, you can reapply after a few minutes if needed.

Customer rating:
Best Product

4. Dove Men + Care Post Shave Balm

The hydrate+ formula in the Dove Men +Care post shave balm provides a calming sensation after shaving. It contains no alcohol or fragrances and can effectively prevent redness and soothe irritation, nicks, and cuts from shaving. The non-greasy formula is enriched with Vitamin B5, glycerin, ceramides, and other ingredients that soften and nourish the skin. According to customer reviews, this after shave balm indeed works great for sensitive skin and razor burns and does not clog pores. Many called this the best after shave balm mostly thanks to its popularity; ratings, however, only placed it on the 4th place in our top.

Customer rating:

3. Lather & Wood After Shave Balm

The third best after shave balm on this list comes from Lather & Wood has calming and cooling effects on the skin without stinging or burning. It contains aloe vera leaf juice, organic coconut oil, glycerin, witch hazel, vitamin E, neem seed oil, rosemary extract, jojoba oil, and white willow bark organic alcohol extract. The company does not use animal testing, which is one of the reasons customers appreciate this product so much. Others are its texture and its discreet smell, most customers noting this is definitely superior to most after shave balms available for online purchase.

Customer rating:

2. Nivea for Men Double Action (After) Shave Balm

Nivea is a world leader in skincare products and their men’s shave balm does not disappoint. The company promises this product will soothe, moisturize, and revitalize freshly shaven skin. It has a lightweight and fast-absorbing formula enriched with Coenzyme Q10, caffeine, creatine, and panthenol; it also has a fresh smell that will last for hours. Customers who used this product note it takes about 5 minutes to set, after which the skin will stay soft and moisturized for a whole day.

Customer rating:

1. Woody’s Shave Relief Balm

The post shave balm that got the first place in our top is able to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance and soothe irritations and razor burns. It can also refresh and cool down the skin with menthol extract. Customers who used this product are very happy with it and mention it calms down razor burns like no other and also prevents bumps and other shaving-related skin flaws. Most added the skin feels very comfortable and soothed after applying it, and some noted it has a very pleasant smell. All in all, this is the best after shave balm on the market in 2017 according to ratings and reviews from verified customers.

Customer rating:


Whether you are new to shaving or just looking for a new shave balm, each of these balms has a specific purpose. The overall best after shave balm of 2018 is Woody’s Shave Relief Balm, but products from Nivea, Lather & Wood, or Dove are also reliable choices. What’s your favorite?

10 Best Body Hair Trimmers

These body hair trimmer reviews will present you the top products for grooming today. Suitable for men who trim their beards daily or every other day, these handpicked trimmers will help you achieve a smooth look. So, if you are interested in purchasing a high-quality trimmer, you’ll find both budget-friendly and high-end alternatives below.

10.  JTrim Body Groomer for Men

Best Body Hair Trimmers JTrim Body Groomer for Men

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The first entry on our list is the JTrim Ultimate BodyTrim, a wet/dry 2 in 1 tool with turbo booster that increases the speed to 30% faster. This 100% waterproof body groomer provides a close and safe shave even on those hard to reach, sensitive areas of your body.

9. Panasonic Beard & Body Electric Trimmer

Moving on with the best body hair trimmer options, this is a high-precision waterproof grooming tool with 14 adjustable settings and trim sizes and can function with or without a cord. It comes with an AC charger that also doubles as a stand, a cleaning brush, and blade oil. This trimmer measures 6.6 x 2 x 1.8 inches, which also makes it great for travel. Although it only comes with one attachment, customers who purchased and used this product mention it is adjustable and does its job well.

It’s also easy to clean and maintain and, of course, can be used on all body areas – even the most sensitive ones. Most verified customers also praise its battery life, some even saying they have been using it on a regular basis for more than 5 years.

panasonic trimmer

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8. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 7100

Norelco 7100 has a unique design with dual ends, so it has blades on both sides. This male body hair trimmer is easy to use and it has a compact size. The combs and the blades are rounded to reduce skin irritation. The head is very flexible to provide a close and smooth shave. As a plus, this product has a hypoallergenic foil. You can use Norelco 7100 to shave your feet, shoulders, back, legs, hands, arms, underarms, abs, beard, and chest. It is worth mentioning that this device can be used by women as well to shave their legs.

The Norelco body hair trimmer is portable meaning that you will benefit from 50 minutes of cordless shaving. It takes 8 hours to fully charge the battery. This device is waterproof so you can also use it in the shower. Also, it has 5 length attachments to offer many trimming alternatives to users.

philips norelco

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7. Panasonic Milano All-in-One Body Hair Trimmer, ER-GB40-S

As its name implies, Panasonic Milano All-in-One Body Hair Trimmer has a wide variety of features meaning that you can use it for both your body and beardThe trimming length is adjustable without attachment combs. The built-in dial includes 19 distinct lengths. In other words, this product is your best bet if you are the type of guy that likes to customize length at every shave.

The best features that qualified the Panasonic Milano for the best body hair trimmer reviews 2016 is the rubberized grip and  the fact that it is cordless and waterproof. This Panasonic trimmer won’t slip from your hand whether you are using it on wet and dry skin. Hygiene management is easy because you can simply use running water to clean the blades. The only drawback is that this product needs a 15-hour charge for 50 minutes of cordless shaving.

panasonic milano

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Note: If you want to find out more about the techniques and other tools that will help you get rid of the hair on your body, we recommend our guide on the art of manscaping!

6. Remington Lithium Powered Grooming Kit

The Remington trimming and grooming kit made our top thanks to its great customer reviews and versatility. It comes with seven attachments including a hair clipper comb with eight length settings (between 2 and 16 mm), all washable, plus a travel pouch. Although the trimmer itself is not waterproof, it has a rechargeable battery which enables cordless use.

This trimmer has self-sharpening blades which are made of surgical-grade steel which ensures the quality of the trim it offers will not fade over time. In addition, it has an ergonomic shape and features textured grips that offer control and stability while using it.

remington pg6025 trimmer

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5. Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-In-1 Men’s Body Groomer

Gillette is the world leader in men’s shaving and their 3 in 1 body groomer has a well-deserved space in the best body hair trimmer reviews. With the Fusion ProGlide Styler 3-In-1, hair removal will no longer be an issue thanks to a triple function including edge, trim, and shave.

This Gillette comes with Braun technology and it received more than 1,200 five-star Amazon reviews. It is equipped with a built-in electric trimmer which functions on one AA battery. This trimmer has 3 interchangeable combs for various lengths. Gillette Fusion is waterproof so it can be used in both dry and wet conditions for a clean shave or neat trim.

gillette fusion proglide

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4. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3100

These body hair trimmer reviews wouldn’t be complete without the Norelco 3100. This is a great electric body hair trimmer as it has a long battery life that also guarantees 50 minutes of cordless shaving. The charging time for this bodygroom trimmer is 8 hours which ensures a run time of 50 minutes. Norelco 3100 comes with 3 attachment combs and works wonderfully if you want to get rid of your shoulder and back hair and is the ideal trimmer if you want to get a clean shave without too much effort.

It also has self-sharpening blades and hypoallergenic foil that prevent irritation and ensure a high-precision trim and shave.


philips norelco 3100

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3. Philips Norelco Bodygroom 5100

Even if Norelco 5100 is similar to 7100, this body hair trimmer for men is a great shaving asset thanks to its back and shoulder extender. The head is not 3-D flexible, but the shape of this device is also quite ergonomic, so you will benefit from a smooth and clean shave. Amazon body hair trimmer reviews for the Norelco 5100 praise the 3 comb attachments which are very versatile, according to verified customers who used this product.

This body groomer has rounded blades and combs and a hypoallergenic foil which protects the skin during the trimming process and reduces irritation. It can be used for wet or dry shaving, but really shines when used on wet hair and skin thanks to the AquaTec technology.


philips norelco 5100

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2. MANGROOMER Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

Some areas, such as the back, are very difficult to reach for a close shave. The Mangroomer Ultimate Pro is a body hair trimmer that will help you get rid of your back hair thanks to its lockable and adjustable handle which can be opened to 135 degrees.

It has an 8-inch ultra-wide blade and flexible neck which absorbs shocks. In addition, the Mangroomer Ultimate Pro also boasts a power burst button for heavy shaving. Moreover, the foil and the blade of this trimmer are hypoallergenic. Finally, the device is cordless so you can take it with you if you travel a lot. The rubberized handle also provides a safe grip.

mangroomer shaver

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1. Suprent 5 in 1 Beard Trimmer & Body Groomer

The SUPRENT beard trimmer & grooming kit comes with five trimmer attachments and a beard comb with four length settings plus other accessories like hair brush, cleaning brush, and charger, totaling to 14 accessories. The ultra-sharp 420 stainless-steel blade and the tin-alloy motor make this trimmer a highly efficient and powerful one that doesn’t get stuck or tug the hairs. A charge offers about 40 minutes of cordless use and customers who used this device mention it charges much faster than others.

This trimmer is long-lasting and has a high-quality design that makes it long-lasting, and the materials used to create it also add to this quality. Overall, this is the best body hair trimmer available for online purchase at the moment!

suprent body trimmer

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The best body hair trimmer is definitely the one by Suprent thanks to its high-quality materials & build, as well as its durability; however, those by Mangroomer and Philips are also reliable choices no matter how often you usually trim your body hair. We hope that this article has been helpful and that you have made up your mind; do you have a favorite you think would deserve a spot on this list? Let us know in the comments section!

10 Best Shaving Creams for Women

Shaving can be a mundane and tiresome task, especially when you can’t find the right shaving cream. Whether you’ve got sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, or just simply have coarse hair, it can be hard to find a shave cream that does the job right. We’ve done our research trying to find the best shaving cream for women, looking at a wide variety of factors, like skin type, ingredients, customer ratings, and effectiveness. That way, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of finding the best shaving cream for women, by providing 10 options you can browse through.

10. Luxxx Beauty Bare Intimate Shave Lotion

This 16 oz. shaving lotion is perfect for women with sensitive skin. Luxxx Beauty uses ingredients like vitamin B5 and allantoin to help minimize razor bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. Their light formula also has a lovely, light scent that keeps your skin feeling clean and fresh. Customers rave about its ability to cure skin irritation and razor bumps. Not only do they love the way it treats their skin, but they also love the way it leaves their skin completely smooth. Luxxx Beauty’s shave lotion can be used by all women, but is recommended most to those who have sensitive skin. It can be used on any part of the body, including legs, arms, and the pubic area.

luxxx beauty shaving cream

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Note: The Luxxx Beauty shave lotion is not available at the moment. Until it gets back on stock, you may want to take a look at this great alternative from Honeysuckle also made for the intimate area.

9. EOS Shave Cream (Vanilla Bliss)

While EOS may make a few different types of shave creams, this one is by far a customer favorite. While it comes in a relatively small bottle (7 oz.), it goes a long way. It has a lovely vanilla scent, and contains tons of ingredients that are perfect for moisturizing the skin. EOS also uses antioxidants in this shave cream, to help boost your skin’s radiance. The ingredients aren’t even the best part. This particular product can be used to shave with on both wet or dry skin. While it can be used on the face by men, it is best used on other parts of the body, like the legs and arms.

eos shaving cream

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8. Shaveworks Pearl Soufflé Shave Cream

Instead of a lather, this lotion-like shaving cream works itself into a luxurious conditioner for the skin. Shaveworks uses the best ingredients to create a wonderful scent of lavender, ginger, and vanilla that customers can’t stop talking about. Shaveworks uses no harsh chemicals; instead using antioxidants and botanical extracts to create a shave cream that has stupendous moisturizing abilities. The scent of this shave cream is floral, but light and feminine. It’s meant to be used by women with any skin types, and has tremendous effects on coarse hair. It is safe to use on any part of the body.

shaveworks shaving cream

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7. Trader Joe’s Moisturizing Shave Cream (Honey Mango)

Trader Joe’s doesn’t disappoint in this decent-sized 8 oz. bottle. They combine ingredients like vitamin E and aloe vera to create a fan-favorite that not only moisturizes, but also lubricates the skin. It helps prevent nicks, cuts, and irritation as well. The vitamins used in it help moisturize all day long, and provide lasting comfort. While the shave cream is safe to use by both men and women, it is women who tend to use it more often. It can be used by women with skin allergies or sensitive skin, which is why many of them consider it the best shaving cream for women.

trader joes shaving cream

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6. Skintimate SkinTherapy Moisturizing Shaving Cream

Skintimate certainly provides one of the largest bottles of shave cream on the list, at 10 oz. They also happen to be one of the most reliable brands of shave cream out there. They use special vitamins, emollients, and 8 special conditioners to make the shaving cream perfect for a woman’s skin. This cream is geared towards women, but may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin, as it doesn’t use all-natural ingredients. If you don’t have any skin sensitivity, this shave cream provides a moisturizing, close shave.

skintimate shave cream

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5. Busy Beauty Showerless Shave Gel

There’s no way we could have a best shaving cream for women list and not add this one to it. It contains a 3-in-1 formula that works perfectly to lubricate and moisturize the skin pre-shave, during shave, and post-shave. It’s perfect for sensitive skin, containing eucalyptus, ginger, and essential oils. It can be used without water, and there’s never any need to later, rinse, or wash. Not only is Busy Beauty’s showerless shave gel perfect for any woman, it’s essential for the woman on-the-go, who doesn’t have time to shave, who likes to travel, and who has sensitive skin.

busy beauty shave cream

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4. Alba Botanica Very Emollient Cream Shave (Mango Vanilla)

Alba Botanica created a natural, soap-free shave cream that is hypo-allergenic certified. They use ingredients like lavender, vitamin E, and aloe vera to fight against irritation and dryness. The company prides itself on its cruelty-free, vegan products, like this shave cream. It comes in a middle-of-the-road sized bottle at 8 oz., and much like the other creams on the list, it goes a long way. It can be used by women with all sorts of skin types, but it’s perfect for women with dry/irritated skin, or those with allergies. It is safe to use on any part of the body.

alba botanica cream shave

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3. Coochy Rash-Free Shaving Cream

Customers love that this shaving cream is fragrance-free, because that means less irritation on sensitive spots. There are absolutely no sulfates or harsh chemicals used in it, and it’s also cruelty-free. The company uses ingredients like allantoin, keratin, and jojoba oil to lubricate, moisturize, and heal skin. The cream’s special formula of ingredients blends perfectly into this 8 oz. bottle, creating one of the best shave creams for all skin types. It conditions the skin, protects against razor bumps, and helps amp up your razor’s performance.

classic erotica shaving cream

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2. Cremo Moisturizing Shave Cream (Coconut Mango)

If you’re looking for the perfect mixture of the beach and the spa, this is the best shaving cream for women you can try. It smells like you’ve just spent hours tanning at the beach, while the formidable formula does wonders for your skin. The bottle may be on the small side, but this shave cream goes a long way. Customers love that the cream only includes the best, most natural ingredients like aloe, fruit extracts, and oils. Cremo’s Moisturizing Shave Cream is perfect for women with normal to sensitive skin. Those who tend to have more oily skin may find that this particular product provides too much moisture.

cremo shave cream

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1. Kiss My Face 4-in-1 Moisture Shaving Cream

Kiss My Face makes multiple shaving creams in both travel and large bottles. This 4-in-1 shave cream is fragrance-free, so it’s perfect for less irritation. The lotion contains a special ingredient named soapwart, which provides a rich lather, and is effective against acne. This special cream even includes ingredients that act as antiseptics and healers. The peppermint in the cream helps cool and soothe the skin, while the lather helps the razor blades grip to your hairs for a close shave. It’s easy to see why customers view this one as the best shaving cream for women. Women with all skin types can use it, but it’s ideal for acne, allergies, or skin conditions.

kiss my face shave cream

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Final Word

It’s hard to declare a true winner of the best shaving cream for women title. Each cream has its own benefits, effective ingredients, and works best for certain skin types. Luckily, this means there’s a best shaving cream out there for everyone. If you think one of these products could be perfect for you, give it a try and let us know what you think! Which one is your favorite?

8 Best Hair Removal Creams

Hair removal cream is a less painful and much quicker alternative to shaving or waxing, and can leave the skin feeling smooth without having to worry about nasty bumps or nicks. Shaving and waxing can take up a lot of time as well, so many tend to look to hair removal creams, since they get rid of body hair in minutes. We’ve selected some of the best hair removal cream options out there, based on quality, usability, user popularity, and overall rating. Most are made for those with sensitive skin, while others are a bit stronger.

8. Dr. Rashel Hair Removal Cream

If you want to remove body hair quickly and easily, this hair removal cream has a sensitive formula that contains aloe vera, vitamin E, and baby oil, to leave the skin moisturized and free from nasty razor bumps. Being that it’s dermatologically tested, this cream is safe to use for removing hair close to the root, and because of its size, it’s easy to carry anywhere you go. Dr. Rashel hair removal cream is suitable to use for underarms, legs, arms, and even the bikini line. It’s one of the most popular hair removal creams available, although you have to apply a rather thick layer in order for the cream to thoroughly remove hair.

vassoul unisex hair removal cream

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Note: The Dr. Rashel Hair Removal Cream is currently unavailable but you can check out this Hair Removal Lotion by GiGi that works wonders on the arms, legs, and bikini area.

7. Water Ice Levin Hair Removal Cream

Great for those with sensitive skin, this hair removal cream’s formula is made from plant and baby oil, to prevent irritation and leave the skin feeling moisturized. It’s easy to use, since all you do is apply an even layer, wait five minutes, and then gently wipe it off and rinse. Compared to shaving, this hair removal cream doesn’t leave any nicks or itchy bumps on the skin, and it removes hair closer to the root, leaving you hair-free for at least a week. You can use this cream for your underarms, chest, private areas, arms, and legs. Because of its gentle formula, we also see it as one of the best hair removal cream options to be used on the face: on the jawline, upper lip, and chin.

vassoul hair removal cream

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6. Nair Men Hair Removal Body Cream

It can get tiring having to shave every couple of days, but this hair removal body cream is quick and easy to use, and keeps stubborn hair at bay for several days longer than shaving, since it removes hair close to the root. The cream is especially effective on coarse, thick hair. You can use it on legs, arms, the bikini area, and the face, with little irritation afterwards. While the cream leaves the skin smooth and clean, it can sting if left on the skin for too long, which can lead to some irritation and dryness. Otherwise, it’s ideal for removing hair if you’re short on time, and comes in a convenient pump bottle for a less messy application.

nair men hair removal body cream

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5. Nad’s For Men Hair Removal Cream

Suitable for use on the back, chest, legs, and arms, Nad’s For Men hair removal cream is designed to get rid of stubborn hairs within four minutes. It’s specially formulated with soothing aloe vera, to help protect the skin from flaking or itching after use, and to keep it moisturized to prevent the skin from tightening and becoming irritated. The cream is additionally safe to use on private areas, with little to no stinging. Although the cream is supposed to work in under four minutes, it may take longer for thicker hair, but shouldn’t be left on for more than ten minutes.

nads hair removal cream

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4. Veet for Men Hair Removal Gel Creme

As a more comfortable alternative to shaving, this cream starts off as a gel, and then expands into a gentle foam as it works to remove hair from the legs, arms, underarms, and back. It works to get rid of stubborn hairs within five minutes, and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, as it activates with a cooling sensation. The gel cream is simple to use, for all you have to do is apply, wait, and wipe. Because this cream is a bit harsher, it isn’t recommended for use on private or sensitive areas. Otherwise, it works fast and effectively, removing hair at the root and keeping it from growing for several days.

veet hair removal gel

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3. Avon Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Hair Removal Cream

Shaving can often bring a lot of irritation, uncomfortable razor bumps, and accidental nicks to the skin, but this fresh and smooth moisturizing hair removal cream works to get rid of body hair at the source, and keeps it removed for days. It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth, and is enriched with Shea butter to prevent stinging or irritation during and after use. The cream removes hair effectively within ten minutes, and provides better results than shaving or waxing. Although it has a slight chemical odor to it, it still does the job well.

avon hair removal cream

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2. Nair Hair Remover for Men

This is a similar hair remover to another recently mentioned Nair product, except for the fact that it comes off rather easily if your showerhead is running. It’s the best hair removal cream for use on the chest, back, legs, and arms, and can leave your skin clean and smooth. The cream ensures that hair won’t grow back for at least a couple of weeks, which is significantly longer than the few days that shaving gives you. The cream also exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, to prevent it from tightening or itching. It’s not too effective on particularly hairy areas, and can irritate the skin if left on for too long.

nair men hair remover

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1. Mud Drop Hair Removal Cream

The reason why this is our top pick for the title of best hair removal cream is because of its unique and sensitive formula. As the name suggests, the Mud Drop hair removal cream contains mud from the Dead Sea, as well as minerals. It contains no mineral oil or parabens, but it does come infused with chamomile extract and aloe vera leaf juice. It manages to remove all unwanted hair in a matter of minutes, 6 to be more precise, and it is great for sensitive skin.

mud drop hair removal cream

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Final Word

Shaving or waxing can be painful and often leaves the skin irritated due to razor bumps, cuts, and peeling. Hair removal creams are a popular alternative for getting rid of body hair, since they works within minutes and leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. Did we miss any best hair removal cream that we should have brought up? Feel free to share your thoughts down below.

8 Best Dovo Straight Razor Reviews

In this article, we will present the best Dovo straight razor list made of some shaving devices which hit the highest customer satisfaction rating as they are both affordable, durable, and high quality. Also, we will discuss the main features of the top 8 best Dovo straight razors but first we will take a look below at the common characteristics that define all of them.

Key Shared Features of the Best Dovo Straight Razor

These products have a few shared features that made them stand out:

  • Blade Width. To avoid cutting yourself and to benefit from the best shaving experience, these razors have either a 5/8” or a 6/8” width, which is excellent for beginners as well.
  • Blade Material. The products on our list are made from a high-quality blade which is resistant to both rust and water spots. These high-quality blades are made of stainless steel or carbon steel.
  • The Handle. These razors’ handles are made from steel, ebony, olive wood, or horn and they are very durable.

8. Dovo Best Quality 5/8″ Half Hollow

If you’re a beginner looking for a straight razor to use every day, this pick may just be the best Dovo straight razor for you. Dovo is renowned for their quality handles, and this half hollow grind makes no exception, as it allows the user to have maximum control and ensure a forgiving shave. Plus, it’s certified ”ready to shave” and was made in Germany with the finest materials.

7. Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Steel Handle

This straight razor is the most affordable from our list and an ideal shaving tool for travel. The blade is made of platinum coated stainless steel so it is easy to clean and maintain. It is worth mentioning that this type of razor is a popular choice among professional hairstylists and barbers. The only parts of this straight razor that are not made of metal are the black grip and the red blade holder which increase the maneuverability and protect the blade from scratching.

6. Dovo Straight Razor Carbon, Ebony Wood Handle

This Dovo straight razor is part of our top Dovo straight razor reviews because it is ideal for sensitive skin as it provides a smooth shave to prevent razor bumps and rashes. Also, the 5/8” half hollow ground blade is composed of carbon steel and the handle is made of ebony wood. This razor has a two-year warranty and features a 3″ carbon steel blade that’s made to last. It’s one of the favorite straight razors among barbers.

5. Dovo Straight Razor Ebony Handle Gold Etched Blade

Just like the previous Dovo straight razor, this one has a durable ebony handle and a high-quality carbon steel blade. In addition, it has a beautiful golden etching and an attractive design. Moreover, this razor is factory shave-ready right out of the box, which means it only requires a bit of honing and stropping. Reviews mention it’s one of the best Dovo straight razors for beginners as it’s steady and very maneuverable.

Cheapest Product

4. Dovo Bismarck Straight Razor

Compared with the previous models in our top Dovo straight razor list, this Bismarck model has a 6/8” shoulderless carbon steel blade which is also full hollow ground and has a golden ‘Bismark’ laser etching. The name of this blade comes from its incredible balance that’s partly due to the weight distribution, and partly to the thumb hold that drastically increases its maneuverability.

3. Dovo Solingen Bismarck Straight Razor

This Dovo Solingen Bismarck is a high-demand straight razor with a 6/8” full hollow carbon steel round point blade. This device is a popular choice for beginners because it has a safe use and provides a comfortable and smooth shave. Besides its black ebony wood handle, it has a 24k golden etching which improves its design. It has an ebony wood handle, a perfectly sculpted tang, and weighs about 50 grams.

Recommended read: if you are looking for a reliable straight razor, also check out our article on the best straight razors on the market!

2. Dovo “Diamant” Straight Razor

The Dovo Diamant is one of the best Dovo straight razors thanks to is olivewood handle and unique carbon steel 5/8” full hollow blade. This razor is widely popular for its durability as it is also versatile and lightweight. In addition, reviews mention this Dovo straight razor is very well-balanced and will last for years!

Best Product

1. Dovo “Bergischer Lowe” Buffalo Horn

The Dovo Bufallo made number one in our top Dovo straight razor review because it’s ideal for both daily use and general beard removal. Also, it comes with 5/8” full hollow carbon steel blade, and a natural buffalo horn handle. Moreover, it is lightweight while the golden engravings on the shank, tang, and spine make this Dovo razor a true one-of-a-kind beauty.

Since you’re here, you may also be interested in learning about other quality straight razors we recommend for the closest shave possible.


Given the above, our 8 best Dovo straight razor list relied on customer satisfaction, price, quality, and efficiency. These devices made quite an impression on the market as they are all high-demand and best-buy products. When it comes to design, our favorite is definitely the Diamant straight razor – what’s yours?

12 Best Shaving Gels for Sensitive Skin in 2018

Wet shaving should be a stress-free daily ritual. Sadly, far too many men nowadays suffer from sensitive skin. Shaving with sensitive skin can easily result in nicks, skin redness, and even bleeding. There are numerous high-quality shaving gels on the market specifically designed to help protect sensitive skin from razor blades. In this article, we’ll go over the best shaving gels you can order online in a try to find the best shaving gel for sensitive skin. This list is organized in from lower to higher rated products according to user ratings.

12. NIVEA MEN Sensitive Non-Greasy Face Gel Moisturizer

We’ll start out list of best shaving gel for sensitive skin choices with this non-greasy gel from Nivea that is deeply moisturizing yet it lacks that sticky feeling we hate. This gel helps to prevent irritation and it can improve the skin’s appearance over time. Since it was dermatologically-tested on sensitive skin, you can rest assure you can safely use it on your skin without the fear of it breaking out, drying out, or experiencing irritation.

Customer rating:

11. Timothy’s Unscented Shave Gel

This lubricating formula from Timothy’s SkinCare contains no alcohol, fragrance, or other ingredients that may damage sensitive skin. Thanks to the clear formula, it’s easy to see the contours of the neckline and makes it easier to groom your beard or mustache. The product was designed for both men and women and can be used as a pre-shave or as a layer underneath a foam product to prevent cuts and nicks.

Customer rating:
Best Product

10. Organic Another Close Shave Shaving Gel

Fieldworks Supply Company in Portland, Oregon, prides itself on creating organic products with no harsh chemicals or inorganic preservatives. The key ingredients in this company’s Another Close Shave Shaving Gel formula include bentonite clay, aloe vera juice, marshmallow root, shea butter, and castor oil, all of which are certified organic. For aroma, Fieldworks put in some citric acid, lime oil, rosemary extract, and nutmeg essential oil. As you squeeze out this product, you’ll notice that this gel is translucent. This feature makes Another Close Shave a great option for anyone into manscaping.

Customer rating:

9. Tend Skin Air Shave Gel

The Tend Skin shaving gel for sensitive skin soothes and hydrates the skin during and after the shave and leaves a discreet clean smell that reminds some users of witch hazel. Even though the list of ingredients was not available at the moment of writing, customers swear by the effects of this gel, mentioning it has helped them get rid of razor bumps, irritation, and ingrown hairs. In fact, most mention they noticed surprising results even from the first use.

Customer rating:

8. Neutrogena Men Sensitive Skin Shave Gel

Next on our list of the best shaving gels for sensitive skin is Neutrogena’s Men Razor Defense shaving gel. A few of the big ingredients in this product include glycerin and a unique blend of proteins that soften and nourish the skin, acting as a conditioner without using any oils or dyes. This shaving gel is especially popular among men with sensitive skin as it’s easy to rinse and does not clog pores. If you are looking for a discreetly scented product, this is the best shaving gel for sensitive skin for you.

Customer rating:

7. King of Shaves AlphaGel Shave Gel Sensitive Skin

The company King of Shaves is proud to announce its new AlphaGel For Men With Sensitive Skin. This unscented shaving gel is made with a combination of essential oils, aloe vera, and tea tree oil. These ingredients help to naturally moisturize the skin and prevent razor burn. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re shaving thanks to the product’s low foam formula. While King of Shave’s Alpha Gel has a higher score than Another Close Shave Shaving Gel, keep in mind that it has fewer reviews than the aforementioned products.

Customer rating:
Cheapest Product

6. Aveeno Therapeutic Moisturizing Shave Gel

Hey guys, is your girlfriend is looking for a great shaving cream? If so, tell her to look up Aveeno’s Therapeutic Moisturizing Shave Gel. This gel is one of Amazon’s number one sellers for  best shaving gel for sensitive skin and it has tons of rave reviews from women and men around the globe. The key ingredient that helps soothe skin irritation here is good old oatmeal. A few other ingredients include glycerin, sunflower seed oil, and aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

If you have sensitive skin, you should also know that you need to be extremely careful when picking your shaving tool as well. Check out our recommendations for best men’s razor for sensitive skin and best electric razor for sensitive skin.

5. Bump Patrol Cool Shave Gel With Menthol For Sensitive Skin

With a name like “Bump Control,” you’d better believe this shaving gel works wonders on sensitive skin. As you could tell from the title, there’s a good dose of soothing menthol in this cream’s ingredients. A few other ingredients on this list include potassium hydroxide, palmitic acid, and myristic acid. Believe it or not, some reviewers actually say Bump Patrol works just as well as prescription creams for sensitive skin. A few reviewers actually suggest using a dab of this product both before and after you shave to really get rid of the razor burn. If you want a mint-fragranced product, this is the best shaving gel for sensitive sin you could buy.

Customer rating:

4. Gillette Series 3X Action Shave Gel, Sensitive Skin

You’ve heard the ads, right? “Gillette, the best a man can get.” Well, if we’re just going by the reviews, there’s a great deal of truth to that slogan. There are over 500 generally positive reviews of Gillette’s Series 3X Action Shave Gel For Sensitive Skin on Amazon. So, what makes this product so popular with consumers? Well, like many of the other gels on this list, Gillette contains all the ingredients you’d expect for a cheap price. In this case, Gillette’s brand has ingredients like palmitic acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sorbitol, and propylene glycol. Reviewers note that this product has a faint fragrance, but it isn’t too overpowering.

Customer rating:

3. Aveeno Positively Smooth Shaving Gel

This unisex shaving gel works great on sensitive skin that tends to irritate or get razor bumps quickly. It contains natural colloidal oatmeal, allantoin, moisturizing lubricants that will not clog pores. It is free of added fragrances and has a lightweight, clean smell due to its active ingredients. For ingrown hairs, the manufacturer recommends shaving every other day and using a specially designed razor, and customers who followed this advice noticed promising results from the first week of use. Therefore, it’s the best shaving gel for sensitive skin that’s also prone to ingrown hairs.

Customer rating:

Note: If you are interested in other shaving solutions for men with sensitive skin, be it on the face or other bodya reas, we also recommend going through our top electric razors for sensitive skin

2. Nivea for Men Sensitive Shaving Gel

Nivea is a popular German company that manufactures some of the world’s most affordable shaving goods. One such product is the Nivea For Men Sensitive Shaving Gel. This gel is slightly scented with a bit of witch hazel extract and chamomile. There’s also a good dose of Vitamin E and glycerin to help hydrate your skin.

Customer rating:

1. Edge Shave Gel For Men Sensitive Skin

Out of all the best shaving gels for sensitive skin on Amazon, Edge Shave Gel takes the cake as the best shaving gel for sensitive skin. Believe it or not, this product has a five-star rating on Amazon. That’s even more impressive when you consider over 400 people wrote in reviews. A few of the main ingredients in this product include sunflower seed oil glyceride, sorbitol, stearic acid, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and palmitic acid. The shaving gel specifically designed for sensitive skin comes in a seven-ounce bottle with an orange top.

Customer rating:


No man should have to deal with nicks and cuts in this day and age, and according to online reviews and ratings from verified customers, the best shaving gel for sensitive skin is the one from Edge Shave. Nivea and Gillette for the second and third spots in our top for their gentle formulas, but we also like the Cremo product for its exquisite results. Do you agree with our top?

7 Best Eyebrow Trimmer Reviews

Take a look at the best eyebrow trimmer options available today. We’ll review the best-buy devices on the market from top brands such as Panasonic, Conair, Wahl, Remington, and Philips. We will also discuss the main characteristics of these products including price, quality, and efficiency. But first, let’s look into the features you can expect from these electric eyebrow trimmers & shapers.

Key Shared Features of the Best Eyebrow Trimmer

These models have a few shared specifications such as:

  • Comfort. Our list consists of products that provide the best trimming experience preventing nicks and cuts, so they are ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Design. These devices don’t have just a beautiful exterior but they are designed to efficiently remove the hair with no effort.
  • Blade Material. They come with a high-quality and durable blade material such as platinum or stainless steel. In addition, the blades are hypoallergenic.
  • Affordable. Every product from our list is quite affordable as the price ranges between $10 and $65.
  • Versatile. All of them can be used for trimming more than eyebrows as they also function well on getting rid of the nose, ear, and other facial hair.

7. Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer

This versatile trimmer has a smooth pivoting head which easily follows the contours of the eyebrows. Also, it has a super-thin hypoallergenic blade and two precision shaper comb attachments. Furthermore, it functions on a single AA battery.

Panasonic ES2113PC Facial Hair Trimmer

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6. Conair Men’s 2-Blade Trimming System

The Conair trimmer comes with a narrow blade designed to get rid of every unwanted hair. Moreover, it has a second, wide blade perfect for trimming not just eyebrows but also mustaches and beards.

This product is the cheapest eyebrow trimmer in our review as you can buy it from Amazon at $10.

Conair Men's 2-Blade Trimming

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5. Wahl Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer

With this Wahl Trimmer, you can get a wet and dry trimming as well because this product is waterproof. Also, users can easily rinse the blades under running water. This model has a compact and lightweight design while the package also includes a bonus eyebrow guide comb.

Wahl Eyebrow Trimmer

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4. Remington MPT3700 Trimmer

This eyebrow trimmer comes with a dual-sided head ideal for ears, nose, neckline, and sideburns as well. Besides being waterproof, this trimmer comes with a Washout System which improves its hygiene management. Furthermore, the guide comb has two trimming lengths, whereas the Quick-Dry Cap allows users to benefit from an air-drying system.

Remington MPT3700 Dual Blade Eyebrow Trimmer

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3. Philips Norelco NT9110/60

The NT9110 is equipped with a Skin-Guard System which surrounds the ultra-sharp Chromium steel blade to protect skin. Better still, even on wet use, the grip will not get slippery. Also, you can easily clean it under running water.

Philips Norelco NT9110/60 NoseTrimmer

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2. Philips Norelco NT9130/40

The Philips Norelco NT9130/40 is the best eyebrow trimmer because besides the Skin-Guard System and Chromium steel blade, this device has a skin-friendly comb with rounded tips to help users softly trim their beards, stubbles, sideburns, and necks.

Furthermore, it comes in a deluxe storage case equipped with additional accessories. Also, this high-demand eyebrow trimmer is a popular choice for people with sensitive skin because it provides a safe and comfortable trimming experience.

Philips Norelco NT9130-40 NoseTrimmer

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1. Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver

Finally, we have the ultimate grooming device for the face that also comes from Philips. This revolutionary device was designed specifically for men who care about their appearance and like to keep their facial hair well groomed. Thanks to the unique OneBlade shaving technology, it can cut as fast as 200x per second.

The product includes 3 stubble combs to cater to all your needs, a rechargeable NimH battery that can last for as long as 45 minutes, and the durable OneBlade which you will need to replace every 4 months.

Philips Norelco OneBlade Hybrid Trimmer & Shaver

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To sum up, we have presented a top 7 eyebrow trimmer list based on quality, price, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. These eyebrow trimmers are the ideal choice for any user and we encourage you to try at least one and share your valuable opinion with us. Which do you consider to be the best eyebrow trimmer?

8 Best Straight Razors in 2018

It’s true that more and more men are giving up their electric shavers and five-blade cartridge systems to shave like their grandfathers did. A whole subculture of shavers who enjoy the art of shaving has grown up. These shavers use metal safety razors, shaving mugs, and brushes as part of their daily routine, but there are a few hobbyists out there who take it a step further. They take their pursuit of the perfect shave so seriously that they only use the best straight razor possible.

For those who want the closest possible shave at the lowest price, here are eight best straight edge razors available today.

1. Sharp Equinox Straight Edge Razor

The Sharp Equinox razor is basically a straight razor that works with disposable blades. It’s a shavette that looks like a traditional straight razor. Shavettes are, in fact, more commonly used by barbers than regular straight edge razors since disposable blades are more hygienic and are also sharper, meaning a closer shave. The Sharp Equinox is on our best straight razor list because it brings you the best of both worlds.

Sharp Equinox Straight Edge Razor

Product Description

This professional-grade product comes with a supply of disposable single-edge blades. The razor comes in two versions: a black single-edge razor and a steel single-edge razor. Or a double-edged razor. The two single-edge razors come with 100 disposable blades each, and the steel razor can also be purchased with 300 blades.

The “Hi-Chromium” blades are built to last and make this straight edge razor a great value. Reviews for the product are consistently solid. Its users cite the extremely close shave they get, and several people thought it to be a much more expensive razor.

If you’re looking for a best straight edge razor, keep in mind that this is a shavette, meaning that it uses disposable single edge razors. However, the Sharp Equinox comes with so many blades that you might just be set for a year or more—all for an affordable price.

2. Straight Edge Barber Shaving Razor

This is another excellent little shavette from a small US-based manufacturer called Cornucopia Brands. The Cornucopia razor is made of stainless steel and is easy to open, unlike many razors in this price range, which tend to jam up until they get worn in. It also comes with a leather case, which makes it a great gift for a man who is interested in wet shaving.

Straight Edge Barber Shaving Razor

Product Description

This Cornucopia best straight edge razor is 8.5 inches long, the perfect size for a solid grip, and is designed to work with all brands of replacement blades on the market. The razor only comes with the case, but you can pick up the razor and also add a box of blades, all for a good price.

Reviews for this product are almost all positiv, and this small company is very customer-oriented. Cornucopia’s shavette is a great find for someone looking for a low-cost way of getting into wet shaving or ditching the expensive cartridge razors.

Note: This product is not available at the moment. Until it gets back in stock, you may want to check out this similar option which also features a 8.5 inch blade.

3. Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor

Parker’s SR1 is a true barber shop shavette, without the barber shop price. And it’s an inexpensive way to start using straight edge razors. The blade arm is made of real stainless steel and the razor is designed with safety in mind, which makes it a good choice for newcomers to using straight edge razors.

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor

Product Description

The Parker SR1 has a round edge of the blade compartment to reduce the risk of cuts. The razor also comes with a snap-lock mechanism to prevent accidents when loading replacement blades. This straight edge razor comes with five blades to start with, and replacements are easy to order.

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Most users are very happy with the close shave they get and the ease of use of this razor. So if you’re looking to make a small investment and start wet shaving, the Parker SR1 is definitely among the best straight razor names out there. Safety features, the Parker name, and the low price set this razor apart and make it an outstanding value.

4. Velvet Forge’s Best Straight Edge Razor

If you’re looking for a true straight edge razor, not a shavette, you’ll have to invest a bit more money. But you’ll never have to spend money on blades again. Velvet Forge’s straight edge razor is a good choice for shavers looking to take the plunge and get this best straight edge razor.

Velvet Forge Straight Edge Razor

Product Description

The built-in four-inch blade on this razor is meticulously honed to last for months. Not to mention the elegant black matte stainless steel grip attached with machine screws for a comfortable and firm grip. In addition, the product comes with a leather case and velvet bag, so it makes the perfect gift for a special occasion. The manufacturer stands by the product with a no-hassle, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, and reviewers are praising the razor.

For those looking to purchase one of a kind best straight razor, Velvet Forge’s product is an excellent choice. It’s also an excellent choice for those looking to get started or to replace an old razor. The price is right, the company stands behind the razor, and the level of workmanship is high.

Note: This product is not available at the moment, but you may still want to check out a similar option from Professional Barber. It’s made of rust-free 430-grade stainless steel and features an ergonomic design.

5. Dovo Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor

Dovo is the gold standard when it comes to straight edge razors. So, if you’re serious about wet shaving and are looking for a starter razor, this is a good choice. This razor will quickly pay for itself in savings on blade purchases. Dovo’s products are classics. So buying and using a Dovo for the first time will be an experience in and of itself.

Dovo Solingen Carbon Steel Straight Razor


Product Description

True straight edge razors don’t normally come “shave ready” out of the box. This is why you’ll have to get your Dovo professionally honed for best results, although you’ll probably be able to shave with it once it arrives. This Dovo razor is light enough to maneuver but substantial enough to get a decent grip. And, with its hollow handle, you’ll be able to hear a slight reverb with each stroke. You can use it as feedback to help perfect your technique through practice.

If you’re serious about shaving with a straight edge razor, you should take a closer look at this entry-level Dovo model. If you’re just curious, you can start out with a shavette or a true straight edge that comes ready out of the box. Make sure to read other customers’ opinions about the straight shaver to see why it is a safe bet.

6. Parker Safety Razor Heavy Duty Straight Edge Razor

This straight edge razor is one for the professionals of using blades to shave. The Parker SRX razor has a genuine stainless steel blade arm of the highest quality. In addition, it has a snap lock to secure the blade in place.

Parker Safety Razor Straight Edge Barber Razor

Product Description

This heavy-duty razor is designed for the professionals, with its heavyweight steel blade arm and scales, weighing 2.3 ounces. And, as a safety measure, the rounded exposure at the end of the blade compartment minimizes the risk of accidental cuts. In addition, it has a clip/ lock blade holder, with insert. This makes the blade insertion a secure procedure.

You can use barbershop single edge blades or 1/2 double edge blade. Of course, it comes with 5 Shark super stainless half blades. So, it is guaranteed to last.  This Parker heavy duty stainless steel is on this best straight razor list for it has received a lot of positive reviews from people that are used to this kind of shaving.

7. The Feather SS Razor

The Feather SS Razor is one of the most well known and best straight razor made by Feather. It features a non-foldable razor with a handle that is heat resistant up to 135° C, which means that this one is made to last.

Feather SS Japanese Straight Razor

Product Description

The reason why its handle is so heat resistant is because it is made of silicone resin, which is a synthetic material which is highly reliable on – it is used as a plaster for building facades, for example.  The blade is made of stainless steel. The fact that the handle is made of silicone resin makes it perfect to hold and grip. While the blade is shorter than other types of razors, this allows for complete control over the shave. And it offers more control and accuracy when it comes to narrow areas on your face.

The blade has a spring mounting, which makes it very easy to change. By squeezing the razor head, it pops out; this allows for easy cleaning too! Of course, you will want to use the Feather artist club razor blades. However, keep in mind that those are not included, unfortunately. For sterilizing, use boiling water or ethanol. Keep clear of sodium hypochlorite (bleach). However, seeing that it has a perfect 5-star score, it is definitely worth including in our best straight razor list & the buy.

8. Black Widow Straight Edge Razor

Best Straight Razors Black Widow Straight Edge Razor

The Black Widow straight razor is made from 100% rust-resistant stainless steel and it’s one of the best straight razor options for those that are looking for a durable product. Because of the material it’s made of, it’s perfect for thick beards.

Product Description

This tough, corrosion-resistant razor is double-coated with matte black paint to add durability and prevent chips. What’s great about it is that it doesn’t need stropping or sharpening. The blades are disposable, so you can safely share this product with other users in a safer, hygienic manner.

Weighing in 2.6 oz, this shavette causes less vibration when you’re shaving and puts less strain on the hands than other products of its kind. The 1.5mm blade exposure, however, makes it an ideal option for more experienced users. If you’re a beginner, you may want to choose another razor from this list of best straight razor options .

Final Word

Now that you know all you need to know about straight razors on our best straight razor list, just make sure you choose the one that fits your needs the best. If you’re a beginner, we recommend you start with the much safer ones. It will allow you to practice shaving with these types of razors and, at the same time, it will ensure you don’t cut yourself while shaving. Especially if you’re a beginner shaver, the sharper ones can lead to serious injuries, which you should avoid.

Do you use these shavers, or have you ever used one of these? Have questions or recommendations? Let us know in the comments below. We’ll make sure we take them into account!

10 Best Shaving Bowls in 2018

For those that like to keep their shaving routine classic and traditional, a good quality shaving bowl is important for a good lather. Many shaving bowls are made of either wood, stainless steel, or porcelain, and they can be smooth and circular, or ribbed and mug-shaped. Below is a list of some of the best shaving bowl options on the market, based on their quality, usability, user popularity, and overall rating. There are several different kinds to choose from, based on personal preference, so browse through our list before deciding on the best shaving bowl for you.

10. Vikings Blade The Chairman Luxury Shaving Bowl

Made in Australia, this shaving bowl is constructed from heavy duty stainless steel that’ll last for years, and has a rough and tactile texture for optimal grip, with a rugged and manly aesthetic. Its microscopic finish allows for extra lather consistency and volume, for a less runny shaving cream, ultimately giving you the smoothest shave. The bowl is able to retain heat to keep the shaving cream lathered, but for those that use pucks, the soap may end up all over the bowl and on your hands, since the bowl tapers at the bottom, which doesn’t let the puck sit still.

Customer rating:

9. HO ISLETS High-End Shaving Soap Bowl

You can work your shaving cream to the ultimate lather with this high-quality stoneware shaving bowl. Because of its tough construction, it will last you many years and good shaves. The ball grip handle is ergonomic, so you can hold it comfortably as you’re applying your shaving cream, and so that you know for sure you won’t drop the bowl. The bowl is quite large, which means you’ll be able to fit a large quantity of lather in it, as well as stir it vigorously without spilling it. It also comes with a brush made of badger hair.

Customer rating:
Best Product

8. Schöne Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

For easy clean up and reliability, this shaving bowl is made of attractive, polished stainless steel, and fits almost all shaving soaps. The bowl measures 3.5 inches at the top, 4 inches at the bottom, and at least 2.25 inches in depth. It’s ideal for those who prefer wet-shaving, and because it comes with a lid, your soap won’t dry out between uses. The bowl isn’t chrome-plated, so you don’t have to worry about the finish peeling, flaking, or becoming discolored. The only real downside is that the bowl can get really hot, which makes it hard to hold using your bare hands.

Customer rating:

7. Edwin Jagger Porcelain Shaving Soap Bowl

Also one of the best shaving soap bowl options to be used with many soaps, this product is practical for any wet-shaving routine, and can serve as an essential tool for shaving brush users. If used with a good quality soap and hot water, this bowl can work up a rich lather for smoother wet shaving. Because it’s made of porcelain, the bowl retains heat nicely, and the handle makes for a sturdy grip. Its durability prevents chips, cracks, or flaking, making it last for many future shaves. It didn’t make it further down on our list of best shaving bowl models because its walls are apparently a bit thinner than expected.

Customer rating:
Cheapest Product

6. Anself Wooden Shaving Soap Bowl

This bowl’s quality craftsmanship makes it lightweight, firm, and environmentally friendly. If you’re looking for a wooden option, this is the best shaving bowl for you. It has a fine texture both inside and outside, with a delicate, high-quality wooden appearance. The bowl is easy to clean and anti-adhering, and because it’s also corrosion-resistant, it’s durable enough for long-term use. The size of the bowl can easily fit any cream, puck, and brush, for a nice and foamy lather. It is a bit on the small side, but other than this, its deep and rounded bottom helps prevent messes and provides an ideal wet-shave routine.

Customer rating:

5. Henry Cavendish Gentleman’s Ceramic Shaving Soap Bowl

Crafted from sturdy and durable ceramic, this shaving bowl/mug is wide enough to whip up your favorite soap into a large foaming lather. Its large size allows you to put several soap pucks inside, and its comfortable side handle offers a better grip as you carry out your wet-shaving routine. If used alongside a Henry Cavendish all-natural soap and badger brush, the mug can give you a satisfactory shave, as it keeps in heat and improves one’s shaving experience. You may get soap on your hands since the mug is deep, but it’s ideal for melting soap pucks in and starting the day with a fresh shave.

Customer rating:

4. GBS Men’s Shaving Soap Bowl

This old-fashioned, heavy-duty shaving mug can fit up to 4 oz. of soap, and because of its deep interior, it can provide a proper lather from your shaving soap. The large knob handle makes it easy to grip while lathering, and along with the mug comes a 3 oz. ocean driftwood scented soap puck. Some may find the mug to be a little too wide and deep to hold it while lathering, but it keeps your soap warm while you’re shaving, and it’s durable enough to last you quite a while.

While you’re here, you may also be interested in learning about the best shaving soaps on the market.

3. Justice Shaving Company Shave Bowl

Sturdier than a ceramic shaving bowl, this metal shaving bowl combines beauty and durability with its chrome-like mirror finish and stainless steel material. It accommodates shaving soap of any kind, as it works up to a neat and foamy lather. Because of its curved bottom, it’s ideal for many soap refill shapes, and its mirror finish can stand up to glycerine, triple milled, or castile shaving soaps. Some may find that it doesn’t retain heat for too long, but it’s easy to work soap up to a large lather quickly and effectively.

Customer rating:

2. Kingsley Shave Soap Bowl

This is the best shaving bowl for you if you want to shave in style, with its simple design and beautiful dark wood craftsmanship. To prevent your soap from drying out and cracking, the bowl also comes with a loose fitting lid, and is small enough to be the perfect traveling companion. It’s ideal for soap pucks, and it’s made to be last for hundreds of shaves. Although the bowl allows for a quality lather, it’s recommended not to leave wet soap or water in the bowl, since this can result in the wood cracking or morphing in the long run. Otherwise, it can fit almost any soap, and it’s shallow enough to prevent soap from getting on your hands.

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1. Perfecto Stainless Steel Shaving Bowl

For effortless shaving, this simplistic shaving bowl is the optimal tool for your wet shaving routine, for it won’t chip, crack, or peel. It’s made out of stainless steel and is completely insulated, to keep your soap warm and lathered for a smooth shave. The fine polished design gives a luxurious appearance to your bathroom, and with its antiskid bottom, you can lather up your soap without it slipping and making a mess. You can add any kind of soap to this bowl, clean it easily, and have it for many years to come, which is why it’s at the top of our best shaving bowl list.

Customer rating:

Final Word

While some may use a self-foaming shaving cream, others like to use a more traditional method of shaving, by manually lathering up soap in a shaving bowl. Whether you choose a wooden, stainless steel, or porcelain shaving bowl, either one can provide you with a rich and foamy lather for a quality shave. Have we missed any best shaving bowl that you think should have been mentioned? Feel free to share your thoughts and recommend your favorites down below.