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Straight razors provide the ultimate shave. There is no other way to achieve a closer shave as it is nothing but a straight blade against your face. This also means it is extremely important to invest in a quality straight razor. Inferior straight razors leave you susceptible to cuts, which as you might expect with such a blade are larger than what you experience with a safety or disposable razor. If you’re ready to take your shaving game to the next level and elevate it to the highest quality shave possible, the straight razor is what you need to invest in.


What Is a Straight Razor?

When you go to a barbershop for a shave, this is the kind of razor they use. It is, as the name suggests, a straight blade. It does not have a casing or housing around it. The blade itself comprises two parts: the protective casing and the blade. The blade spins out of the casing. It is important to not use the casing as the handle as, due to the axis point where the blade spins out, it increases the chance of cutting yourself as the blade may move under pressure if you do not have direct control of the blade past the axis. The blade itself is several inches in length. The length size varies slightly from one straight razor to the next. There normally is a sharp side to the blade and a dull side to the blade. The duller side of the blade is thicker and has more weight in it. When compared to other razor options out there (such as a safety razor and disposable razor), the straight blade razor is heavier. There is little to no plastic involved with such a razor. It is all metal and the housing case.


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What Makes It Ideal?

When selecting the best and most idea straight razor there are a few key factors you need to keep in mind. You also need to determine whether shaving with a straight edge is right for you. For starters, it is not something you can just blow through quickly. It takes time, discipline and even planning. There is also an appreciation for the tradition of shaving with a straight edge. If you are someone who wants to move quickly through the shave and who doesn’t want to slow down, you likely should look for another shaving option.


When looking for the right straight razor it is a good idea to look for where the razor is made. This is important as it usually shows where the steel came from and provides insight into the tempering (or hardening) of the metal. Due to this, many of the very best straight razors are found in Germany, France, and Japan. You will probably come across some less expensive straight razors made in countries like Pakistan and China. These are razors you should avoid. That is because the steel is not as pure and is more likely to dull, so always check for the country of origin (especially when it comes to the blade).


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The width of the blade is important to consider. It typically is described in 1/8th-inch increments. The most common width is 5/8th while the largest will top the scale at around 7/8th of an inch. The blade of the width has a direct connection with the weight of the blade. It might take you some experimenting to find the blade size and weight that works best for your personal taste. Some like a heavier blade while others enjoy a lighter blade. The blade is made from steel. However, there are also different kinds of steel to consider with your blade. Not all manufacturers and retailers will tell you what type of steel the blade is made of but it is worth looking this up.


Again, the best blade material and steel type come from Germany, France, and Japan, and it is why going with a quality manufacturer is so important. If buying a straight razor for a company in the United States, look for the steel type and country of origin. If the company does not tell you it likely comes from China and means you should avoid the product. The blade point is one area you need to consider. The blade point comes in a square, round, Spanish, Barber’s notch, and French style of blade. These blade points have more to do with esthetic but also how the weight is distributed in the blade. It is a personal preference when buying a straight razor. The handle of the blade doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the shave but it is something to consider. The higher end blades typically are made of a wood or other material while less expensive options have a plastic handle. It’s something worthy of checking out.


Top 7 of 2019

1. Equinox International Barber

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This is a discount blade if you want a straight razor without spending a ton of money. It uses a double-edge Swiss blade. This blade doesn’t have a ton of high-end features as it is made of plastic. It’s basically an inexpensive housing for a Swiss disposable blade. However, it’s a solid way to break into the world of straight razors without spending a ton to do it. The Swiss blade isn’t the greatest, but it is a fine first razor to test the waters and then move up to one of the other options.

Equinox International Barber Straight Edge Razor with Steel Razor
  • Genuine Surgical Grade Stainless Steel
  • Quality Perfect for Barbershop and Personal Usage
  • Exchangeable Blade Technology allows to remove old or rusty blades to replace with fresh ones.


2. Dovo Best

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No products found.

When looking for a quality shave made with a nice design, the Dovo Best Straight Razor is a fine option. The razor is 4.8 ounces. It is slightly wider than other options at 6.8. It uses a German blade which is exceptional. Now, it is far more expensive than the Equinox option and you will need to strop the blade ahead of time. However, once you do, this is a great razor to pick up when you’re serious about the investment.

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3. Barber Professional Black Widow

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This blade has a fun red, white and blue stripped handle, reminiscent of the old fashion barber shop sign. It weighs in at 2.7 ounces and has a high-end stainless steel blade. It is reasonably priced for a quality straight blade. While not true top of the line, it is a nice step up from the entry level straight blades.

Barber Straight Razor, Professional Barber Straight Edge Razor -...
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP; BALANCED WEIGHT - At 2.6 oz, the Black Widow straight blade razor causes less vibration from the razor...
  • 100% RUST-RESISTANT STAINLESS STEEL - Black Widow straight safety razor is well-constructed with stainless steel, which...
  • PRECISE, SMOOTH CUT - Our single edge barber razor features an armature swing lock design for secure blade insertion;...


4. Naked Armor

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The Naked Armor uses a German designed construction. It can also swap in double edge blades, so in this case, it helps with the cost of the blade itself. It also makes it a fine upgrade from a safety razor. It is a find upgrade although not the top of the line expensive blades.

Best Straight Razor - Shave Ready Straight Edge Razor, Japanese Steel...
  • 😍 WOMEN WILL LOVE YOUR SEXY FACE - Imagine a face that is so soft to the touch that you become irresistible. That...
  • 🖐 DURABLE, LONG-LASTING STYLISH STRAIGHT RAZOR - Nothing gives you a great shave like a genuine Japanese steel blade...
  • 🎁 PERFECT GIFT FOR DAD, HUSBAND, BROTHER - Naked Armor mens straight razor is the perfect men's gift for the stylish...


5. Feather SS Japanese

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This is a beautifully unique design. The blade does not fold back into the handle. Instead, it really is a straight blade that continues from the curve of the handle. Some might love this design as it has a beautiful curve and is easier to grip. For traditionalists who want a fold, this is not the blade for them. It also takes a few shaves to get used to holding it. The entire blade and handle weigh 9.6 ounces and a classically shaped blade. When buying the blade it also comes with the leather strop which is needed prior to using it for the first time.

Feather Artist Club Black SS Straight Razor
  • Japanese Stainless Steel Blade Guard; Enables A Smooth Shave And Resists Heat And Other Impurities; The Body Of Artist...
  • Rounded Ridge; Balance Of Its Rounded Shaving Head And Optimal Blade Exposure Provides A Soft And Smooth Shaving...
  • Silicon Resin Handle; Provides Excellent Grip And Slip Resistant Control; The Enamel Handle Is Quick And Easy To Clean;...


6. Dovo Silver Shavette

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The Dovo Silver Shavette is an expertly crafted straight razor that could be used at your local barbershop. It even has a bottle opener built into the axel of the grip and blade, yet it’s wonderfully done it isn’t noticeable to the naked eye. It is easy to use, thanks to the design and the weight between handle and blade is solid to help provide a quality, custom shave that most will enjoy. Like all other Dovo blades and straight razors, this device is constructed and manufactured in Germany with German steel.

DOVO Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor Set
  • It has an aluminum blade carrier
  • The holder adapts to all brands of standard double edge blades
  • Straight razor


7. SmoovGroom

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No products found.

This blade comes with the classic wood handle as if someone just carved and polished it before sending it to you. The unique look is something you may love or may want to pass on. This is an excellent blade to consider if you’re looking for an entry into the world of straight razors and yet want something a bit higher quality than the standard entry straight razor. The wooden handle is easy to hold although it uses a disposable blade which traditionalists might not like. This is the kind of blade designed for those wanting a quality blade but still on the less expensive side as they dabble around with straight blades to see if they like it or not.

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Straight razors provide you with the very best shave. You need to find a straight razor that fits your personal needs and checks off all the design and quality boxes. If you’re ready to take your standard of shaving to the next level, the straight blade razor is your option.

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