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This section will present the unabridged Terms of Use regarding the website, as well as stress out the definition of each term which will hereby be referred to as the object of the Terms of Use policy. In this, the staff, which includes the editors, copywriters, and auxiliary personnel, will be referred to as “We, Us, and Our”, depending on the case.

On the other hand, the user or visitor, which can be either a private person or a company, will be henceforth referred to as “You”.


Please note that the use of the is entirely subjected to these Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy, regardless of the user’s location. By accessing our website, you will agree with our Terms of Use by default, as well with the Regulations and Provisions laid down by State Law, Federal Law or any other relevant International laws that regulate the use of the website and all online activity.

If, at any point, you choose to disagree with any of the aforementioned provisions or with our Terms of Use, please abandon our website immediately. By continuing to access our website, you will automatically agree to all terms, conditions, and provisions.


  • Personal Data Collection and Privacy Policy

Upon consenting to use our website, you will automatically agree with our personal data collection policy. In accordance with our Privacy Policy, the data collected will be, in general, limited to your cookies, IP, browser’s information, or name and personal e-mail address if choose to communicate with us through the comments section or contact form. Under the State and Federal Law, we pledge not to reveal nor disclose your personal information to other persons or companies, except in the cases that such an action is demanded by the law.

You, as a user, will be forbidden to use or extract the personal data of another user. Should you attempt to perform such an action, and thus violate the conditions stipulated in the Privacy Policy, you will be charged in accordance with the legal provisions that govern online activity.

  • Hacking and Illicit Activity

Hacking or the attempt to hack is forbidden, as is the attempt to disrupt or to damage its pages, content, infrastructure, and software. Should you try to damage or disrupt the site’s activity or any equipment used to support the website, you will be prosecuted according to the State and Federal laws regarding online felonies. The individual or individuals who, on purpose, damage or disrupt the site and its infrastructure will have to face criminal charges according to the laws at their place of residence.

If at any given time, you are aware or you suspect that someone is attempting to disrupt or damage the website, supporting software, or infrastructure, you are required to notify the staff immediately. Failure to comply will result in a breach of the Terms of Use policy, and you, as a user will be held liable for any damages occurred during such an event.

  • Linking and Affiliations

By using, you will automatically agree to the Terms and Conditions for using links to our pages on your own website, blog, or another type of online activity. But, the action itself is dependent on the very nature of the site or web page where it occurs. Subsequently, any type of action that refers to linking must not enter in competition with

Furthermore, linking must in any way damage our site’s or writers’ reputation. In addition, any type of linking to pages that contain malicious elements is strictly forbidden. We, as a website, reserve our right to eliminate any types of links that may damage our site’s/writers’ reputation, or that we believe it does not fit the nature of the content. Moreover, on we reserve the right of posting various links to other websites. Under no circumstance should this be construed as an irrefutable testimony that we, the staff, endorse other websites or their activities.

The website is affiliated with and receives a commission every time a user makes a purchase after being referred to their online store by our website. This does not change the price you pay for the products OR the content of our reviews.

Finally, we, the website and the staff, are not to be held accountable for the content of other websites which contain links to

  • Copyright and Use of Content

By accessing our website, you will acknowledge the fact that all content posted on are protected by the laws which govern copyright and intellectual property. As a user or visitor, you will henceforth be forbidden to use any type of content found on our pages for personal purposes.

Furthermore, users and visitor are strictly forbidden to duplicate, modify/edit, or display any of the content created on our website under any circumstance. However, the user can perform the actions mentioned above if they receive expressed and written approval from the website’s staff.

Notwithstanding the aforementioned, you, as a user or visitor, may use the content found on, but not without prior approval from the staff. Nonetheless, you are forbidden from taking credit or attribute any article to your name. You are also forbidden from claiming false affiliation to our website.

Should you choose to use any content from our website for academic purposes or personal informative purposes, such content may not be altered under any circumstance. Furthermore, the website, the writers, and the administrative staff will not be held accountable should the information found on the website produce personal misfortune, or if the user experiences academic or personal failure by acting on the information found on

In other words, the user is responsible for their actions and the website will not be liable for any of the aforementioned scenarios.

It is strictly forbidden to engage in any action that may be construed as an act of harassment towards our staff. In the event that you are aware of a user that frequently engages in such activity, you are required as per the Terms of Use to report him or her to the website’s administrator. Moreover, reserves its right to block or to ban a user, should we notice that the person displays such behavior.

  • Website Activity

It is strictly forbidden to use for commercial purposes without our prior consent. Furthermore, any attempts by the user or visitor to alter information found on will be considered a criminal offense and will be dealt with accordingly.


We, the staff, reserve the privilege to make revisions to the hereby Terms of Use document at any given time and without any prior notification. The modified version of the Terms of Use document will be posted on the website, accompanied by a date to signify that the document has been updated.

Should you choose to continue using the website after the Terms of Use documents was modified, you will automatically agree with the new amendments specified in the document.

All content displayed on our website is subjected to modification or removal. We reserve the right to commit such modifications, regardless of time or purpose. Moreover, these actions may be performed without any prior notifications. Should the user experience misfortunes as a result of the staff altering or removing any or all content from the website, we shall not be held responsible for this action.

Furthermore, we, the website and staff, will not be held accountable for the nature of the users’ posts. Although we have a malicious removal policy and will screen the comments on a regular basis, we strongly encourage the user to be responsible for what they choose to post.

Above all, we, the staff, support and do our best to enforce privacy, copyrights and the security of personal data. In this regard, through this Terms of Use document, we will make the commitment to doing everything in our power to ensure the security of the personal information provided by users and our contributors.

Nevertheless, we shall not be held accountable for any reproduction, modification or display; that may be similar to what the users have delivered us.

Any form of communication-related to our website, its content, or the hereby Terms of Use document, will be handled only by our staff. Should you be contacted by any person saying that, acting on behalf of the staff, please disregard him or her and report the incident to the website’s administrator.

We, as a team, take great pride in the way we process and handle information. For this purpose, we shall go at great lengths in order to bring you accurate and up to date information. However, the website or the writers cannot guarantee that all information reproduced on the website is 100% percent accurate.

Subsequently, neither the website nor the staff will be held responsible for any mishaps that may intervene in case the user chooses to act upon our information.

Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the protection and functionality of In addition, we will not be held responsible for any unfortunate actions that may happen as a result of purchasing or accessing a link found on our website.

Finally, we, the team, reserve the right to suspend or terminate the activity of the website at any given time and without prior notification should we consider that such an action is necessary. The website and its team will not be held responsible for any actions derived from suspending or terminating the website.

Intellectual Property Rights

Please note that any and all content posted on is guarded by copyright laws. More specifically, the content is protected by the laws and/or provisions in force at the time it was created. To seize the opportunity, we wish to remind you that any use of content, be it fully or partially, from is expressly forbidden and the failure to comply will result in copyright infringement which is punishable according to the laws and provision of the user’s location.

In addition, we would also like to remind you that all content posted on our website can only be used for academic or research purposes, but not without the staff’s approval. Furthermore, by agreeing to let the visitor or user utilize the content for research and academic purposes does not entitle him or her to claim right over the material.

As a closing remark, we, the staff, want to state that intellectual property is a very serious matter. Should you feel like your rights have been infringed, then we strongly advise you to contact the website’s staff here.

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