9 Top Rated Mustache Wax for Great Look in 2024

9 Top Rated Mustache Wax for 2024

April 3, 2024 / Zach Johnson

Are you searching for the top mustache wax for your pride mustache? Because the mustache is kind of outside the mainstream, it’s hard to find reliable information on which brands are the best on the market. So we’ve compiled our list of the best brands of mustache wax to look out for in 2024.

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Mustache Wax Basics

Mustaches are not for everyone. They are for an elite crew of fuzzy-lipped individualists who may look like lumberjacks, fisticuff brawlers, wandering guitarists, or circus strong-men, but who are always following their own paths. The mustache indicates a willingness to go against the clean-shaven image of masculinity that razor companies tend to push. 

1. What Is Mustache Wax?

Mustache waxes give shape and hold to the often wiry or wily hairs of the upper lip. Some apply like chapstick, while others require you to heat the wax up before application. Many waxes are based on petroleum products, but the natural alternatives usually use bee wax as their base.

2. What Does Mustache Wax Do?

The general purpose of mustache wax is to give you a desired style of mustache. Many products on this list double as beard waxes, as the same substances provide benefits for both types of facial hair. In addition to the styling benefits, mustache waxes also nourish and condition the facial hair. Many prevent split ends, tangles, dandruff, and itchiness. 

If you want to know how to apply a beard wax, check out our article here

3. Where Can You Buy Mustache Wax?

You can find mustache wax at your local men’s fashion store or barber shop. However, if neither are available in your region, all the products we list here can be purchased on Amazon. 

4. What Is the Average Price of Mustache Wax?

The average product sells for around $8-22. Prices vary based on the brand, the ingredients, and the amount provided in a single container. 

How We Reviewed

The authors have been sporting a mustache and/or beard for over a decade. Collectively, we have worn everything from a lumberjack beard to a circus-style handlebar mustache and have used a variety of products throughout the years with varying success. We consulted reviews and internet consensus and added personal experience when preparing this list.

Overall Price Range of the Top Picks for Mustache Wax

You can expect to pay between $8 and $25 dollars for mustache wax. Keep in mind that some hold better than others, meaning they require less product and may last longer than cheap alternatives.

What We Reviewed


Live Bearded presents a bit of a paradox: the wax is perfect for keeping your mustache tips out of your mouth, but the delicious honey, cedar, and lemon fragrance will tempt you to take a bite. Live Bearded’s mustache wax holds your lip warmer in place all day without leaving a gluey residue behind to ruin your chance at kisses. The tube that Live Bearded comes in is slightly smaller than a chapstick tube, meaning it travels well and justifies its place in your dopp kit. 


  • Travels well        
  • Light but pleasing scent that pairs well with other colognes/fragrances
  • Medium hold


  • Hold may not be ideal for more dramatic staches such as handlebars


Who knows ridiculous strength better than a bearded goon? If you want your handlebar to stay in place after an old-timey bout of fisticuffs, look no further than the Bearded Goon’s Ridiculously Strong Beard and Handlebar Mustache Wax. This mustache wax’s ridiculous strength will keep your curls looking pristine, even if your face has taken a beating.

Handlebar mustaches can be difficult to keep curled, especially if you’re an active sort of mustachioed fellow. If you find that other beard and mustache waxes fail to keep that impressive curlycue in place, don’t just look for strength, look for ridiculous strength. As an added bonus, Bearded Goon’s product is all natural, meaning it contains no synthetic chemicals, no artificial dyes, and no parabens. 


  • Ridiculously strong 
  • Excellent for handlebar mustaches and more extreme stylings
  • No synthetic chemicals, no artificial dyes, and no parabens


  • Hold may be too strong for users with less dramatic mustache styles

Mustache Wax by Mountaineer Brand


Cultivating a mustache is much like cultivating a garden: one strives for a balance of human-imposed order and natural chaos. Go against the natural curl of your lip hair and you’ll struggle, but let your curls go too far on their own and you’ll lose the tightness that is so valued in mustache tips. That’s why we love the 100% natural mustache waxes like those offered by Mountaineer Brand.

Mountaineer’s mustache wax goes on clear and leaves no residue. Unlike many other mustache wax options, Mountaineer’s product is based on bee wax. When applying waxes to your face, you’re much better off rubbing their natural product than the competitor’s petroleum-based options. 


  • Applies clear
  • Leaves no residue
  • 100% natural bee wax base


  • Fir and cedar scent takes a while to get used to when directly under nose


“Grave before shave,” boasts the bearded skull on the front of Fisitcuff’s tin of Mustache Wax. Style your mustache with this baby and create a look so classic, you’ll be taking it to the afterlife.

Skulls, beards, and brawls. Just when you thought mustache care couldn’t get any more macho, Fisticuffs hits you with their signature smell: vanilla and cigar or a newer Bourbon alternative. Not only will Fisticuffs give you the hold to turn those wily mustache tips into stately handlebars, but it will also make you smell like a British hunt club or a gentleman’s library.  While we enjoy these smells, we understand cigars are not universally enjoyed. But fear not, the smell is far from overpowering. 


  • Holds well         
  • Softer texture than other waxes
  • Unique cigar and vanilla scent


  • Uses petroleum jelly to enhance hold


Sometimes a mustache wakes up on the wrong side of the bed. You wet and twist and turn it, brush it out and then back down, and slather it with wax. Sometimes your face just wakes up with a tangled monster on its upper lip. When you’ve got to tame such a monster, you need Seven Potions. No, not from your local wizard–Seven Potions Beard Wax.

Seven Potions Beard Wax provides a medium hold applied throughout a beard (not just the mustache) to get things under control. An all natural, organic option, Seven Potions comes loaded with ingredients that provide nourishment to beard hair. These ingredients prevent split ends and dandruff, which contribute to gnarly tangles and facial itchiness. 


  • All natural, organic
  • Nourishes beard hair
  • Prevents split ends and dandruff
  • Medium, versatile hold


  • Better for those styling entire beards rather than just a mustache


If anyone knows beards in America, it’s the Amish. They’ve been rocking beards before they were hipster fare, and the folks at Honest Amish have a created a beard wax to prove their expertise. Honest Amish Original Beard Wax is the oldest beard wax we have on record, and the formula still works wonders today.

All natural bee wax provides the basis of Honest Amish Original Beard Wax, and yet the hold is so fantastic, reviewers have likened it to hairspray. Unlike hairspray, this beard wax won’t put a hole in the ozone, but it will provide a style-able, yet flexible hold to one’s mustache.

As an added bonus, Stache Bomb Mustache Wax comes packaged with a guitar pick complete with their pin-up girl mascot on the front. 


  • All natural, bee wax base        
  • Oldest formula on record
  • Great hold 


  • Uses fruit and nut butters that some may be allergic to


Just as firemen have your back when things go up in flames, so, too, does Firehouse Moustache Wax when your face looks like it has gone up in flames. The story goes that the creator of Firehouse Moustache Wax tried batch after batch of formula on his fellow firemen at the station until they were satisfied with the end result.

Firemen tested, firemen approved, this wax requires only a small amount to keep a mustache in shape. Don’t let its dark appearance scare off those of you with facial hair on the lighter side; Firehouse Moustache Wax clears up when it’s applied. 


  • A little goes a long way          
  • Hold is strong to extreme
  • Fireman tested, fireman approved


  • On the more expensive end of the mustache wax range


Nothing holds quite as tight as a Death Grip. This product boasts the most powerful hold of any all-natural mustache wax. The hold is so strong, in fact, that you need to heat the wax to get it soft enough to apply. While this may seem like a nuisance to those requiring only a mild hold, those building epic facial styles will be happy Death Grip’s extreme strength.

The most unique type of mustache wax on this list, Death Grips is recommended for the serious mustache enthusiast. 


  • Extreme hold    
  • All natural ingredients


  • A heat source is required to apply


Smelling like Texas cedar and pine, Woodsman Mustache Wax by The Bearded Bastard lives up to its lumber jacking name. While the scent fades pleasantly into the background, its hold lasts an impressively long time. We liked the handsome wooden labeled tin and the all natural ingredients that this mustache wax provides. Some users find the product too hard to apply, but usually a short blast from a hairdryer is enough to render the product pliable. 


  • Woodsy, pleasant smell
  • Impressively long-lasting hold  


  • May need to be warmed up with a blow dryer or other heat source

We hope the information here provided will guide you toward the mustache wax best suited to your needs. Each entry on this list deserves a spot among the best mustache waxes available. But if we had to pick a single winner, we’d give that award to Honest Amish Original Beard Wax. The natural ingredients, the excellent hold, and the long history of Beard expertise makes it a superior product.

Interested in more tips for your perfect beard or mustache? Then check out our section on Styling and other related Beard Products!

Zach Johnson
Zach Johnson

With years of experience trying out different electric shavers, manual and straight razors, he has become a pro at finding what works best. He loves sharing his tips and creates comprehensive guides so you don’t have to spend years chasing perfection!

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