The Best 10 Pomades for Thick Hair in 2024

Having thick hair is surely a blessing, but when it comes to styling them, you find it extremely difficult to manage and there comes the saviour, the best pomade for thick hair. These make styling so easy, be it slicked-back looks or texture crops. 

While some men use hair gel or spray to hold down their hairstyle, pomade is a popular option for taming one’s hair, without having to worry about the hair getting crispy and hard. It can leave either a sturdy matte finish, or a sleek and shiny finish, depending on one’s preference.

Unlike other hair products, pomades tame frizz and unruly hair without damaging them. They create a much longer-lasting result crucial for thicker, denser hair. All you need to do is pick the best pomade according to your hair type and styling needs. But, let’s first understand the pomades made for thick hairs.

Are pomades good for thick hair?

Men’s pomade for long, thick hair is specially formulated to control the volume and texture of thick hair. They have stronger holds different to normal pomades that help keep those thick unruly strands in place throughout the day. These strong-hold pomades contain ingredients like clay, beeswax and wax to provide a firm grip for doing various hairstyles. They are mostly oil, and water-based, which keeps your crazy manes in good health and shape.  

How to choose the best pomade for thick hair? 

Here are the key factors that you should consider while selecting the best pomade for thick hair:

  •  Hold:

Thick hair needs pomade with good hold. So, look for labels like “strong-hold”, “oil-based”, etc. If you prefer a more natural look you can either choose cream pomade or wax pomade.   

  • Finish:

This depends on personal style preferences. Matte pomades and cream are good for low-shine and more natural looks. For adding texture to your hair and a greater hold, choose clay pomades, and for a high-shine look, pick water-based wax pomades with ingredients like castor oil and glycerin. 

  • Ingredients:

It’s better to stick with natural ingredients no matter what men’s pomade for long thick hair you choose. Look for ingredients like beeswax, castor oil, aloe vera, shea butter, water, and essential oils. 

To make your life easier, we’ve selected 10 best pomades for thick hair, based on quality, usability, user popularity, and overall rating. These pomades are all mostly water-based, making them easy to wash out and retouch. 

10. Viking Revolution

Viking Revolution Extreme Hold Pomade is another on-trend styling product that holds your hair very well but also gives them smooth finish and high gloss. The water-based formula allows you to create the desired result for any kind of hair type. Because it is a natural product it apparently has only a light natural scent, so it is also recommended even if you are sensitive to strong pomade scentss.The pomade should leave your hair feeling healthy and smooth after use.

9. American Crew Pomade

american crew pomade

Made with all-natural scents, without any synthetic additives, this American Crew Pomade is also one of our top picks of best pomade for thick hair. It provides a pliable medium hold that’s practical for any hair type and style. It’s great for those looking for shine in their hair, while keeping down those pesky curls or refining straight hair. Some natural ingredients in the pomade include ginseng root, lanolin, and castor beans, which contribute to its control and sheen. You only need a small amount to work the pomade into your hair, and it washes out easily.

8. Hanz de Fuko Claymation

Have you heard of Hanz de Fuko Claymation? This Claymation has been created from natural botanical ingredients that are supposed to strengthen your hair. If you don’t like shiny products, you will like this one because it is shine-free. It is also presented that this product prevents hair loss and should support its growth. One of the favorites Claymations is based on easy application, after which your firm and matte look should last all day and the pomade should also be very easy to rinse out afterwards.

7. Star Wax Premium Pomade

star pro line pomade

Free of parabens and formaldehyde, this improved-formula pomade provides a strong and pliable hold, with a matte finish, to keep your unruly hair at bay all throughout the day. Because of its professional, water-resistant formula, sweat and rainy weather conditions are no match for its holding strength. This pomade is enriched with vitamins E, C, and many other antioxidants, which also make it a leave-in conditioner that keeps your hair from drying out. Star Wax Premium Pomade has an energizing citrus scent and is easy to rinse out at the end of the day, although the scent can get a bit strong if too much is used.

6. Baxter of California Clay Pomade

baxter of california clay pomade

If you’re looking for a natural and matte finish for your preferred hairstyle, this is the best pomade for thick hair you could purchase. It provides a strong hold as it separates, defines, and molds your hair, without leaving behind small clumps of residue. Its formula is infused with natural ingredients like kaolin clay and beeswax, which in turn create a sturdy and pliable hold, without too much sheen. Baxter of California Clay Pomade can be used on any hair type, and while the smell is apparently strong, the hold it provides accommodates a wide range of hairstyles.

5. Imperial Barber Classic Pomade

imperial barber pomade

With a water-based formula and industrial strength hold, Imperial Barber Classic Pomade is designed for all hair types. It rinses clean and easily, and allows you to adjust the hold strength depending on how much water you put in your hair. A light hold can be achieved if the pomade is applied on damp hair, and for a stronger hold, apply a heavier amount on dry hair. Imperial Barber doesn’t leave any sticky residue behind, and it has a light watermelon-like scent to it. It tends to flake if you dry-comb your hair too much, which breaks the pomade apart.

4. Smooth Viking Pomade for Men

smooth viking pomade

Practical for any hair type and style, Smooth Viking Pomade is a water-based styling product that can give your hair the style boost that it needs for a clean and sleek look. All it takes is a dime-sized amount to tame your hair and keep it maintained throughout the day, and when you’re done, the pomade easily rinses out with little to no mess. If you want a strong and matte look, this is the best pomade for thick hair you can use. You can use a small amount on dry hair, and for a slick look, apply it on damp hair. This product will your hair make nice and shiny. Not a shiny kind of person? There is also Smooth Viking Hair Cream for Men which gives you matte look.

3. Uppercut Deluxe Hair Pomade

uppercut deluxe pomade

Uppercut Deluxe Pomade is water-soluble, which prevents white residue from being left over in the hair strands, ultimately ruining your style. It’s made in Australia, and has a light coconut scent mixed with vanilla to make your hair smell clean and attractive for the whole day. Its gel-like consistency provides control and definition, without you having to feel the stiff weight that traditional pomades often give you. This pomade dries with a fairly matte finish, and is great for use on fine to thick hair. The hold can grow weaker if you accidentally get water or sweat in your hair. If you don´t like shiny hair you can try same branded product but with low shine effect Uppercut Deluxe Featherweight Hair Pomade.

2. Layrite Original Pomade

layrite pomade

While Layrite holds like a wax, it washes out like hair gel, and can be used on both fine and extremely thick hair. Its rich consistency allows you to create the fanciest pompadour styles, the slickest comb backs, the spikiest tips, or even crazier hairstyles like a mohawk. The pomade has a clean vanilla scent, and only takes a small amount to last you the whole day. Because Layrite is water-based, it won’t leave any sticky residue that can compromise the look of your hair. It’s not strong enough to hold hair when you’re upside down or anything, but it can tame even the most stubborn cowlicks with its sturdy holding ability. For matte finish there is another variant of this product – Layrite Natural Matte Cream.

1. Suavecito Pomade

suavecito pomade

For a strong hold and fabulous style all day, Suavecito Original Hold Pomade dries to a medium hardness, without leaving a crunchy and dry finish with unattractive residue. It’s ideal for both short and long hair, and if you need to retouch your hair, you can simply add water to reactivate the pomade. Because the pomade is water-soluble, it grips onto your hair like wax, but it washes out easily, like gel would. It’s lightly scented, so it’ll leave your hair smelling clean and fresh, with no white clumps left behind. You only need a dime-sized amount, or else your hair will become very stiff. There is an alternative of this product if you prefer matte finish of your look and it is called Suavecito Pomade Strong Hold.

No luck in choosing the right pomade?

If you haven´t found what you were looking for in our TOP 10, don´t worry, we have two additional tipps for you!


Should I use pomade for thick hair? 

Pomades provide good hold and texture making it easier to manage thick hairs and create various hairstyles. Choose a wax pomade with a high-hold formula to keep your thick hair in place.  

Is it okay to use pomade every day? 

Using pomade every day is generally safe. But one needs to be careful about choosing the ingredients and their effect on your hair and scalp. A water-based pomade daily is better since it is easy to wash and causes less buildup. Also, be mindful of how much pomade you use to avoid excessive buildup and weighing down your hair.  

Is it OK to sleep with a pomade in your hair? 

Pomades are pretty thick and heavy products. While they are completely safe to use, sleeping with pomade in your hair will cause buildup over time, blocking the hair follicles and finally causing hair fall problems 

Is pomade safer than gel? 

Pomades are generally gentler on hair as compared to gels. Pomades are water, oil or wax-based which are not harmful to the hair and may even help keep your hair nourished and hydrated. On the other hand, Gels contain alcohol as its main ingredient, making hair dry and irritating the scalp. If you struggle with dry and irritating scalp, check out our article on head moisturizers here!

Which pomade is best for hair? 

Water-based pomades are the best pomades for thick hair because they are easily washable and leave no residue. Check out our top picks for best pomade for thick hair in this article!

How do you apply pomade to thick hair? 

To apply men’s pomade for long thick hair start with slightly damp hair. Rub a dime-sized amount in your hand to warm up the product. It ensures easy application and even distribution. Start applying from the roots towards the tip and distribute the product thoroughly. Use a comb or your fingers to style your hair. Remember, don’t put too much pomade in one go; add more only if you need to avoid weighing down your hair and a greasy appearance.  

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