Privacy Policy is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring the privacy of the user’s data and will take all the necessary steps in order to make sure that your data is not at risk. The user’s privacy is one of the most important concerns for our team. Thus, the security of your private data will be treated with the utmost gravity.

1. Data We Collect

Because our primary concern is confidentiality, please note that we will not ask you to supply us with information we won’t need. Furthermore, all the private data gathered by our website will only be used to improve the user experience on the website. In general, the data that you will need to supply will not amount to more than the following:

  1. Information about your computer (Internet Protocol, Cookies, and/or browser information) – Please acknowledge that all the information gathered from your computer such as the IP address or cookie info, will be used to improve your experience on your website. Such data will be utilized to improve loading times, adapt the website to your device’s specifications, and to ensure that all plug-ins function correctly.
  2. Your Name and your E-mail Address (for contact and feedback purposes only); Please note that the website will only collect your name and your e-mail address if you wish to contact us or if you submit a comment. Your personal data will not be collected should you choose not to communicate with our team. Through this clause, pledges not to disclose or to sell your personal information to any third parties.
    If you are not comfortable with providing us your full name and primary e-mail address when leaving a comment or using the contact form, you can always use an alias and provide a secondary or disposable e-mail address.
    In addition, if you have submitted a comment together with your contact information and want all of it removed, e-mail us and we will permanently delete your personally-identifiable information from our systems in 30 days.

Should you receive any solicitations of disclosing more personal information than those stipulated in points A and B from a person who claims to act on behalf of the team, please disregard this request and notify us immediately using our official contact address (

By using, you will automatically agree that your personal data be collected in order to improve your on-site experience. Furthermore, with this here Privacy Policy, our team will guarantee that all personal data which befalls under point B will not be collected unless the user expresses, in clear, that he or she wishes to communicate with our website. will take any and all measures in order to safeguard your personal information. Furthermore, all measures taken, be them active or passive, are in complete compliance with all regulations laid down by the State and the Federal Law.

2. Links

Please acknowledge that all information contained in the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Disclaimer will only apply to The information provided in the aforementioned sections, will not affect the policies of other websites.

In accordance with the conditions mentioned above, will not be held responsible for any actions or mishaps that may occur as a result of the user accessing one or more links included in our articles.

Please note that does not own or have any right to all websites included in the links. Furthermore, should you choose to visit one or more websites marked by a link in our articles, you will automatically agree to the other site’s terms and conditions. By doing so, you will have forfeited any chance of making the website or the website’s team liable for the other’s website actions or any action derived as a consequence of you accessing the links in our articles.

Disclaimer: The website participates in the Amazon Affiliates Program and receives a small compensation every time a user who has been referred to by our website makes a purchase. Therefore, our team automatically sends non-personally identifiable information to to make sure your browsing experience is customized through the products and ads you see or the discounts you receive. Read more in our full disclaimer.

3. Changes to the Privacy Policy

Bear in mind that this Privacy Policy might be subjected to changes at any given time, without prior notification. If and when such amendments occur, the new draft will be posted on our website, and the date of change will be added to the bottom part of the page.

Should you continue to use our website if one of the changes mentioned above has occurred, you will automatically agree to our new terms and conditions, as stipulated in the new version of the Privacy Policy.

If you have any more questions about the terms stated in our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use, please feel free to contact the team at

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