10 Best Razors for Shaving Heads

For many men, finding the right razor to shave their head is complicated by the huge selection of choices. Fortunately, we have searched the internet to assemble a listing of the 10 best razor for shaving head selections currently available. We will carefully review each product and rank it based on user popularity and blade design.

Best Razors for Shaving Heads SWIPE

Although it’s not one of the most well-known brands, SWIPE is our tenth best razor for shaving head pick. Their cartridges feature six individual blades that are perfect for cutting hair in just one swipe. One of the best features that this particular razor has is a tiltable head design that helps the cartridge rotate slightly. We also love that it incorporates both a large lubricating strip at the top and a base along the bottom to help remove excess shaving gel.

Each cartridge also includes one precision trimmer blade to help shape up your sideburns as well. The only issue we found is that the blades can sometimes get clogged with longer hairs. With this in mind, this razor works best on hair that is very short and is shaved regularly.

9. Personna Men’s 5 Blade Razor
Best Razors for Shaving Heads Personna Men's 5 Blade Razor

Personna’s 5-blade series is our ninth best razor for shaving head choice. In addition to featuring five independent cutting blades, this razor is also designed to be a suitable option for users with sensitive skin. The lubricating strip along the top of the razor combines several oils to help reduce shaving irritation with each stroke.

We also love the packaging that this product comes in. Each razor comes in a small box with a foam insert that protects the handle and the 12 cartridge replacements. This makes this product an excellent choice for the holidays and birthdays. The blades are also all individually coated to help maximize their life.

8. Gillette Sensor2 Plus
Best Razors for Shaving Heads Gillette Sensor2 Plus

If you prefer to stick with a disposable razor type for shaving your head, the Gillette Sensor2 Plus is an excellent option to consider. Each shipment contains three individual packages with 10 razors each. This makes this product one of the better choices in terms of their overall affordability.

The blade design is fairly simple and straightforward with two independent cutting blades on each head. Above the cutting blades is where the large lubrication strip is located. On average, this strip will last for two to three uses before it is exhausted. We also like that the head design pivots slightly to help navigate the unique contours of your skin.

Best Razors for Shaving Heads WEISHI

Our seventh best razor for shaving head selection is made by WEISHI. Designed for users that prefer a more classic look, this safety razor offers many exciting features. For starters, the razor is sturdy enough to provide a firm feel with an overall weight of 72 grams. The top of the razor assembly also features a butterfly opening for easy blade change out and maintenance.

As for the blades, they are exceptionally sharp and tend to last for a long time. This razor also comes in a decorative box that is perfect for holiday gift-giving. Just remember that safety razors tend to be better suited for more experienced shavers. New users will likely want to practice with a cartridge razor instead.

6. Dorco Pace 6 Plus
Best Razors for Shaving Heads Dorco Pace 6 Plus

The Dorco Pace 6 Plus is our sixth best razor for shaving head pick. This brand has long been one of the more popular options for online shoppers. Their razor features six blades on each cartridge that do an excellent job cutting through stubble and keeping your skin smooth.

The cartridge also features an open flow design that helps dislodge stuck hair with just a little bit of running water. We also found the lubricating strip to be quite useful for reducing shaving irritation and helping to achieve a closer shave. With 10 cartridges included in each pack, this option is also quite affordable as well.

5. Dorco Prime Starter Set
Best Razors for Shaving HeadsDorco Prime Starter Set

Our fifth best razor for shaving head is the Dorco Prime starter set. This product is a safety razor type that is primarily designed for more experienced shavers. With blades made of polished stainless steel, this shaver tends to last for an exceptionally long time. Each kit comes with 30 disposable razor blades for added convenience.

One of the nicest things about this particular product is that it comes with its own decorative carrying case. Perfect for both gift-giving and those of you who want a more portable shaving solution, this razor has a lot to offer. Just remember that safety razors are not approved by the TSA for storage on your carry-on baggage.

4. Gillette Mach3 Men’s Disposable Razor
Best Razors for Shaving Heads Gillette Mach3 Men's Disposable Razor

Fans of the popular Gillette Mach3 product line will likely love their disposable version for its simplicity and convenience. Their disposable version still features the same three progressively aligned blade design. This allows for greater maneuverability and is perfect for navigating the unique contours on your head.

The handle also features an ergonomically designed grip area that is ideal for both left and right-handed use. This is a great benefit for shaving those hard to reach areas on the back of your head. We also love how the lubricating strip design helps prevent needless friction while shaving.

3. Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor
Best Razors for Shaving Heads Schick Hydro 5 Sensitive Skin Razor

The Schick Hydro 5 earned its place on our list for many reasons. For starters, it’s one of the best options for users with sensitive skin. This razor utilizes a special hydrating gel to leave your skin feeling smooth and looking better after each shave. It’s also one of the only options that uses a hydration reservoir instead of a gel strip.

As for blade design, it utilizes five independent cutting blades. While this is great for quickly delivering a close shave, it does mean that longer hair tends to clump in the blade assembly. For best results, use it regularly on short hair.

Still looking for more information on this razor? Check out our full review of the Schick Hydro 5.

2. HeadBlade Sport Razor
Best Razors for Shaving Heads HeadBlade Sport Razor

While the handle design may look like something out of a gag gift catalog, the HeadBlade sport razor is actually one of the best options for shaving your head. If you look along the back of the unit, there are two independent rollers that are used to help glide the shaver across your head’s surface.

You will also notice that the shaving head is positioned downwards as well. Both of these features help ensure a smoother shave with fewer strokes. This results in quicker shaving time and less irritation. We also like that the blades tend to last for several uses before needing to be replaced.

1. Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor
Best Razors for Shaving Heads Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide Men’s Razor

Gillette’s Fusion5 series is our number one best razor for shaving head pick. One of the reasons for this is that this product features FlexBall technology that allows the head to rotate from side to side for improved control and handling.

We also like that the lubricating strip provides just the right amount of gel to help prevent nicks and cuts. With five independent cutting blades, this razor makes short work of your stubble in just a few swipes.

Final Word
Take your time browsing our recommendations to find the best razor for shaving your head. Many of the options we reviewed have useful features like trimmers and lubricating strips to help reduce irritation. If there is a particular product that you would like to recommend, feel free to tell us about it in the comments.

Jeffrey Arvel
Jeffrey Arvel

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