Shavetech USB Electric Razor Review

Imagine you’ve been making connecting flights from airport to airport for hours and you’ve finally arrived at your destination. By the time you get to your hotel and get settled it’s nearly midnight. But you have an important meeting the next morning and you mentally run through what you’re going to do the next morning. That’s when you realize that your shaver isn’t charged! If you had the Shavetech USB Electric Razor, you’d just plug it into your laptop, and problem solved.

Product Description

shavetech usb travel shaver

The Shavetech USB Electric Razor is fairly basic as far as its functionality, but, at $23, it’s good value for your money. Its sleek, attractive design catches your attention; it looks more like a smartphone than a shaver. Also, its lightweight and compact size add to the value. Most users report no issues with irritation and are happy with the shaver’s performance.

This product is definitely geared toward the frequent traveler and would make a great second shaver for those who go away on business a lot. Since it’s just a basic shaver, it’s more of a men’s razor, but it definitely would be of interest to women looking for a basic, USB-powered shaver. It would work well for someone new to shaving, since it’s a simple, straightforward model, although USB-only might not be the best way to go in that case.

Shavetech USB Electric Razor – Pros and Cons


  • USB-powered. You don’t even need a USB cable since it comes with a retractable cord for plugging in. It’s perfect for international travelers who will no longer need to worry as much about adapters and converters. All you need to do is find a USB port and you’re ready to go. USB-powered shavers are not common in this price-range.
  • Design and size. The slim design makes it perfect to store in purses or carry-on baggage. It would make a perfect gift for a frequent traveler. In addition, the compact size makes it great for hard-to-reach nose hair.
  • Simple and easy to use. This no-fuss razor will you have you up and running in no time.
  • Decent charge time. The Shavetech USB Electric Razor fully charges in about four hours for around thirty minutes of use. The long-lasting charge-up means you’re unlikely to get stuck with a dead battery.
  • Easy to clean. The foil hood is detachable for easy cleaning.


  • No other power options. This is to be expected in a more entry-level model, but what if you don’t have a device with a USB port handy? Corded capability in addition to USB power would be nice. As it stands, while this is an interesting machine, most people will be interested in the shaver as an additional machine, short-term substitute, or as a gift.
  • No trimming attachments.Even lower-end shavers often come with some sort of precision trimmer for beard and mustache maintenance.
  • No wet shaving.Unfortunately, this model isn’t safe for wet shaving. Although it comes with a brush and a removable top for easy cleaning, cleaning would definitely be easier if it were safe to use under running water.
  • On-switch doesn’t lock-down.There have been several reports of the razor switching on while stored in a bag due to shuffling around and the battery running down. Judging from some of the complaints, the machine doesn’t seem to be very resistant to abuse, so it’s probably a good idea to carefully store it in its case when carrying it around in a bag.
  • Not an all-in-one solution. While this razor does what it says, it’s just a basic shaver and won’t meet everyone’s needs. Customers looking for a machine that does a wider range of grooming should probably look elsewhere.

Accessories and Additional Pieces

This is a pretty basic machine, so it doesn’t include much in the way of accessories. The Shavetech USB shaver comes with a carrying case and cleaning brush. There’s no indication that replacement foils are available, so that might be a consideration when deciding on this model.

What Users Say

Most users are fairly pleased with the razor. One user says he ordered the razor specifically for its size and uses it to deal with stubborn nose and ear hair. A few users left extremely negative reviews. The worst of these reviews seem to be manufacturer defects, but that is to be expected at this price point.

Although most users are satisfied with the shaver, as with most machines, there are some users who need to take several passes to shave completely. A few thought the shaver was somewhat shoddy and broke easily. All in all, most users thought that the shaver was extremely efficient and that it worked better than other more expensive shavers.

Final Word

This is an impressive little razor, but it is what it is. For those looking for a USB shaver, there aren’t that many options and very few in this price range. People who need a shave from time to time, while traveling, are likely to be most pleased with this razor.

However, some customers said they replaced more expensive brand-name razors with Shavetech’s. The Shavetech USB electric razor is a high-value option for users needing a budget and compact shaver that can still get the job done.


Jeffrey Arvel
Jeffrey Arvel

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