Braun M90 Mobile Shaver Review

Braun has been making electric shavers since the 1960s, when they pioneered the steel foil style of shavers. Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is the marriage of Braun tradition of quality with convenience. The portable design makes the men razor perfect for road warriors, and, at $23, it makes a great backup razor for use while traveling. The M90, with its innovative and simple design, is an excellent value at the lower price-range. In this article, you’ll find out about the model features and how it stacks up against the competition.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver – Product Description

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver


The flat, lightweight design makes this razor very easy to use. It uses Braun’s signature “wide floating foil,” although some customers complain that the foil doesn’t work very well on thick or long hair. Therefore, it’s probably best for daily shavers or those who don’t need to shave frequently. The machine works well on sensitive skin and can be used both with dry and wet shaving.

The fact that the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is AA-battery powered adds its convenience and portability. The low price and ease of use make it perfect for a new shaver who just needs a good machine, not a ton of superfluous features. This razor is available on Amazon for $22.90.


Here are the main advantages of purchasing the Braun M90 Mobile shaver.

  • Price. It’s not the cheapest razor out there, but it’s excellent value for the money. It’s slightly pricier than some other similar models on the market, but you pay for the Braun name. Another plus is that replacement foils are also easy to get. Unfortunately, they’re expensive at around half the price of a new razor, so it might be better to just go with a new one. All in all, it’s a basic model that does what it says.
  • Portability. Lightweight and easy to handle, this machine will go anywhere. It’s perfect for people on the go, and it would make a great back-up for travelers. It’s battery-powered, so you can use it anywhere, even in your car between jobs, for example
  • Battery-powered. It uses AA batteries, which solves a lot of problems. Many of these lower-end shavers end up being chucked after a year or two because the batteries go bad. No problem here.
  • Wide foil style. This razor is good for users with sensitive skin and works great with wet shaving. This also makes it a breeze to clean under running water. Everybody knows how annoying it is to have to waste your time on razor maintenance after shaving.
  • Ease of Use. No bells and whistles are included except for the trimmer hookup. It would make a good temporary replacement while researching higher-end models for more features.


Although this is a nice little razor, it has some shortcomings.

  • Not aggressive enough for some users. This is clearly not the razor for people who like to let their beard grow out for a while and then shave.
  • Cost of batteries. While being powered by AA batteries is convenient and could potentially mean that you’ll be able to keep it for a long time, you need to factor in the cost of replacing batteries around every two weeks.
  • Not a full trimmer. While it comes with a trimming attachment, this surely is not an all-in-one grooming machine.
  • Cost of replacement foil. As mentioned above, if you want to keep your machine and get a new foil, you’ll end up paying around half the cost of a new M90. You’ll probably need a new foil within 1-3 years. At least replacements are easy to find.
  • Quality of foil. There are lots of complaints about the foil being flimsy.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver

Accessories and Additional Pieces

This is a simple, bare-bones model, so the only additional pieces are the precision trimmer, the two AA alkaline batteries, and a protective twist cap. The trimmer makes this affordable machine an option for users who need a razor to trim and maintain their beard. Replacement foils can easily be ordered on Amazon.

Braun M90 Mobile Shaver – What Users Say

Reviews of the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver have been mostly positive, although there are some qualms about its durability and its ability to handle fuller, longer beard. One long-time Braun user pointed out that the foil on his machine cracked after just a year of use. Another user was annoyed that the machine didn’t do a great job with curled hairs.

Several users also stated that the razor just doesn’t handle longer hair and thick beard, but that is a fairly typical complaint about electric razors in general and especially lower-end models. The consensus is that the machine is good for light shaving and trimming. Even comments with criticisms were generally positive, and many of the issues were normal problems you would expect from a $23 razor.

Braun M90 Shaver

Final Words

Most people go through the drudgery of having to shave, and almost everyone has had that junky electric razor that they had to get rid of after a week or two. This surely is not that razor. On the contrary, the Braun M90 Mobile Shaver is a straightforward model at an entry-level price. Although it’s probably not going to get you through the next twenty years, it’s an affordable option for someone looking for a comfortable shave. Its portable design makes it a great choice for those who travel.

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