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A lot of men look for quality clippers to trim their beard or cut their hair at home with, but they don’t want to break the bank when it comes to getting one. In this Wahl Color Pro review, we’re going to take a look at this clipper, an easy-to-use hair cutting tool made for those who are either new to clippers, or are on a tight budget. We’ll go over the clipper’s features, as well as its pros, cons, additional pieces, and user opinions.

Wahl Color Pro Product Description

The Wahl Color Pro is designed to cut hair, trim facial hair, and even allow for some manscaping, for a lot less than what professional haircuts cost. Compared to its cordless cousin, this clipper is slightly bulkier, with a wider upper part for more comfortable handling. The ergonomic design and blue rubber grip in the middle of the clipper make it easy to hold in your hand, and prevent wrist fatigue.

Because the clipper comes with color coded guide combs, the color-coded keys on the clipper itself make it easy to match the correct comb to the right setting. The self-sharpening, high-carbon steel blades are precision-ground, to maintain their sharpness a lot longer, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you should neglect oiling them.

The soft touch grip gives you comfort and control, while the six-foot power cord provides plenty of flexibility and movement for your hair cutting needs. The motor inside the device is quieter than most clippers, and the adjustable taper lever makes for easy blending and customized cutting lengths.

Wahl Color Pro Pros

In this section, we will talk about the pros of the Wahl Color Pro clipper. These include the rubber grip, convenient color combs, quiet operation, and more.

  • Rubberized grip. The clipper has a blue soft touch grip that makes it comfortable to use, while also giving you more control.
  • Color combs. The color-coded combs make it easy to remember everyone’s favorite hair length. The color coding on the clipper corresponds to the color combs, so you can get the setting rights when cutting hair.
  • Quiet operation. The motor inside this clipper is said to be rather quiet, or at least quieter than most clippers.
  • Powerful blades. The clipper is powerful enough to cut most people’s hair, and can even be used for manscaping.
  • Price to capability ratio. Because of the clipper’s handy features, it’s well worth the price, since it practically pays for itself after a couple of uses.

Wahl Color Pro Cons

While this Wahl Color Pro review focuses on the clipper’s pros, we also have to mention its cons, which we’re about to do below.

  • Not too aggressive. The clipper isn’t the most aggressive, so it might have some trouble trimming coarse beards or particularly thick hair.
  • Non-swivel cord. The cord doesn’t swivel, so it has a tendency to get tangled and twisted.
  • Slightly noisy. Although most found the Wahl Color Pro to be fairly quiet, a small number of users find it noisy.
  • Overheating. Some have found issues with the clipper overheating or getting too warm to hold comfortably.

Accessories and Additional Pieces

In the popular Wahl Color Pro 20-piece kit, the clipper comes with 11 color-coded guide combs, a blade guard, barber comb, styling comb, scissors, cleaning brush, blade oil, styling guide (in English and Spanish), and a six-inch storage case.

wahl color pro clipper
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What Users Say

The Wahl Color Pro has mostly positive user reviews, but it’s important to mention that most users used this clipper for haircuts, while very few used it for trimming beards and mustaches.

A positive Wahl Color Pro review notes that the clipper works with pretty much any type of hair, whether your hair is fine or coarse, and it’s rather ideal for those who are new to using clippers to cut hair. It’s also said to be fairly effective for manscaping, and the color-coded combs make it much easier to remember one’s preferred hair length. The clipper’s cord could have been a little longer, but its quiet operation and versatility make it worth its price.

Other users point out that, while the clipper is pretty easy to use, it’s not the strongest, so it can have a little difficulty cutting thick beards or hair, and can end up pulling the hairs at times. The colored combs make it a whole lot easier to find your preferred hair length, but the clipper tends to warm up to the point where it’s uncomfortable to hold if you’re using it for a long period of time. It’s also said to be a little loud, although this issue is only mentioned a few times.

While its cutting ability is adequate, it won’t be too effective against thick facial hair. The color combs are easy to figure out, and make for less guess work, but the body of the clipper is said to be bulkier and heavier than expected. The grip allows for more control, but the length of the cord could be a lot longer.

Final Word

Overall, the Wahl Color Pro clipper is a great choice for users looking for a simple yet effective clipper to use on themselves or others at home. Its colored combs and self-sharpening blades make cutting hair easy, and its ergonomic grip gives you more control and comfort. One of the best things about this clipper is you don’t have to be an expert to use it. This Wahl Color Pro review can be used as guidelines whenever you’re after a high-quality hair clipper.

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