10 Best Electric Shavers for Black Men

Electric shavers serve an important purpose of shaving or trimming facial hair. Most of the electric shavers work well, but you have to purchase one that is designed for your particular type of hair. Below, we present a best electric shaver for black men top ten list. Issues, like ingrown hair, shaving bumps, and scratches, arise when one uses an electric razor not suitable for a certain type of hair. And black people are more sensitive to these issues due to their facial hair, which is either thicker, or curlier than other peoples’ facial hair. As such, our best electric shaver for black men list was made based on performance, rating and the quality of the shave offered.

1. Remington F5-5800 Electric Shaver

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This best electric shaver for black men is designed with surgical steel foils that cut quickly through thick-textured hair. Its shaving head features a pivot and flex-design which adjust easily into any contour. Another feature that makes this shaver suitable for black men is the pop-up detail trimmer that helps the steel foils to cut through thick growth.

The shaver is suitable for wet or dry shaving. A single charge can last for an hour.

2. Wahl Professional Finale Shaver

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Wahl Professional Finale shaver shaves or trims the hair on the face, neck, and even the head. Its gold, hypoallergenic foil cuts easily through all types of hair. Another feature that makes this one best electric shaver for black men is its rotary motor that runs full speed. The high-speed motor works alongside the gold foils to give you a close skin shave in a single pass. The Wahl Professional shaver is available at Amazon.

3. Braun ProSkin 3050cc Electric Shaver

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This electric shaver is sturdy for rough textured beards but soft on the skin. Its sharp cutting elements cut easily through hair in a single pass. The cutting elements are safeguarded in a metal mesh, which protects your skin from scratches or razor burns during a close shave.

Furthermore, the shaver has a micro comb that lifts hair for an easy and smooth shave. Also, this machine has a trimmer that helps trim and style beards. It is waterproof, hence ideal for wet and dry shaves. You can purchase the ProSkin 3050cc electric shaver from Amazon.
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4. Kissliss Rotary Shaver

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The Kissliss rotary is another electric shaver that is highly recommended for black men. This shaver has self-sharpening blades that cut through all types of hair. The result of using this shaver is a hassle-free close to skin shave. The shaving head moves into four directions, eliminating all hair in difficult to cut contours.

It is 100% water proof. Therefore, it can be used under a shower or for dry shaving. It has a pop-up trimmer for detailing beards and sideburns.

5. Braun Series 7 760cc-4 Electric shavers

Customer rating:

This shaver features seven electric shavers that cut more hair in a single pass. Furthermore, this machine has an intelligent technology which adjusts power according to the density of the beard. Furthermore, its power increases when shaving hard to reach contours. Another advantage why experts recommend this shaver is that it has lift trimmer which lifts lying hairs when saving. You can adjust the shaver at three lengths.

The shaver’s waterproof nature makes it easy to clean and suitable for a dry or wet shave. You can buy the Braun 7 760cc-4 on Amazon.

6. GHB SURKER Electric Shaver

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This shaver is made of the state of the art double blade technique to shave beards, sideburns, and hair. The ultra-sharp blades cut all types of hair in a single pass. The shaver’s whole body is waterproof. The machine is washable and can be used for wet or dry shaves.

If you want to trim your beard, mustache or sideburns, this shaver has a comb attachment and nose trimmer to help you. The GHB Surker shaver for black men is available on Amazon.

7. Philips Norelco 8900 Electric Share

Customer rating:

Philips Norelco 8900 is another best electric shaver for black men. Its precision blades are sharp enough to give you a close shave. Furthermore, the shaver features contour detects technology that adjusts to all contours and hard to reach places. Another important feature on this shaver is the inbuilt beard styler that trims hair into various lengths. The shaver works well on wet and dry shaves.
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8. Remington PG6025 Grooming Kit

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This powered grooming kit is suitable for black men who love styling their beards, mustache, and sideburns. Its blade is sharp and self-sharpening, a feature that gives the machine an ability to shave all types of hair.

Furthermore, the shaver has eight grooming pieces that help you detail your beards to almost all styles. Some of the grooming attachments include a hair clipper with different settings, a beard comb, and a detail trimmer. The machine and its styler pieces are washable. Use the shaver for a wet or dry shave.

9. Panasonic ES-LA93-K Electric razor

Customer rating:

This is an award-winning blade which features a dual motor, sharp blades and a pivoting head. The powerful motor generates more than 14,000 cuts in a minute. This speed is powerful enough to cut through all types of hair in a single pass.

Another important feature in this shaver is its multi-flex head that adopts into most contours. It has a pop- up trimmer that helps you style your beards, sideburns, and mustache in various styles. The shaver is suitable for both wet and dry shaving.

10. BEMAGSA Rotary Shaver

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This electric shaver for black men features a flex head that rotates in four directions. The 4-position flex head glides smoothly through all contours and hard to reach places. Also, BEMAGSA Electric Foil Shaver features a close-cut blade system, a feature that gives you a near-to-skin shave.

Besides shaving, this shaver has trimming features like the nose trimmer used to trim and style the sideburns and mustache. It is suitable for a wet or dry shave.

Final Word

The hair of most black men has a thick texture that requires sharp blades to cut. Without one best shaver for black men, you stand a risk of ingrown hair, shaving bumps and scratches. These electric shavers on our best electric shaver for black men list have sharp blades and a powerful motor that cuts all types of hair. Have you ever used any of the electric shavers on our list? Share your experience to let us know how it worked.

Jeffrey Arvel
Jeffrey Arvel

Jeffrey is a master in the art of beard care and shaving expertise. With a keen eye for trimming, styling, and the perfect shave, Jeffrey is your go-to guru for all things facial hair. His insights not only ensure a well-groomed beard but also offer invaluable advice for a flawless shaving experience.

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