Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver Review

Panasonic continues to make headway in the electric shaver industry with razors for every budget that compete favorably with the old favorites. The Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver is a lightweight travel shaver that offers up a close shave rivaling much more expensive options. Tiny and stout-shaped, Panasonic’s travel entry isn’t easy on the eyes, but appearances can be deceiving. If you’re looking for a travel shaver for just over $20, you should most certainly consider this Panasonic. In this review, I’ll lay out the advantages and disadvantages of this little razor to help you decide if it’s for you.

Product Description

This extremely compact unit weighs just under three ounces, including the foil cover, and features long-lasting steel blades that make for a close shave that you would expect from a more sophisticated model. The floating blade design follows the contours of the face and provides a comfortable shave without irritation. However, being so small and oddly shaped, it’s probably not the best machine for a teenager getting started with shaving. It’s also not safe for wet shaving.

The Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver is a quality shaver at an affordable price. The unit features aluminum front and rear panels and stainless steel blades. The unit is also conveniently powered by 2 AA alkaline batteries. This machine is primarily aimed at male shavers, although some women might find it useful, especially at this price.

Panasonic Men's Shaver for Traveler ES-RS10-S

Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver – Pros and Cons

Despite its unusual appearance, this model has a lot going for it. It’s an exceptional value at this price and high-quality manufactured, unlike a lot of competitors at higher price points. In short, it works.


  • Panasonic quality. At just $20, priced even lower than some flimsier models out there, this little Panasonic shaver offers up a top-quality shave that you wouldn’t expect from a travel shaver. You also have the peace of mind of Panasonic’s factory warranty and customer service on top of the retailer’s.
  • Compact but sturdy. Weighing in at just under 3 oz., this machine is definitely geared toward people on the go. However, despite the low price, it isn’t your typical holiday gift junk. Some users have been using this as their main shaver for years, which is no mean feat even for the most expensive shavers out there.
  • Uses AA batteries. That makes it easy to maintain and no need to worry about a fancy charging system having problems or replacing a proprietary battery. Not being able to replace batteries are one of the main reasons that people have to purchase new machines in the first place, so it pays to think ahead about this issue.
  • Straightforward. This is a simple model for those who just need a shaver. It won’t replace trimmers or complete grooming systems, but it’s a good backup and travel razor.
  • Easily replaceable blade. The foil and blade kit can be easily obtained from Amazon if you need a replacement in the future. Finding parts for minor brands is impossible in many cases, so that is an advantage of going with a brand name like Panasonic.

Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver


There isn’t much to say as the Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S shaver is a high-quality product, but it’s a very basic shaver that won’t meet everyone’s needs. On the other hand, these are mostly limitations because it’s a travel razor.

  • No corded use. While this is par for the course with a travel shaver such as this, if you’re in the market for something you use every day, you might prefer a machine that doesn’t need to be charged up beforehand. Replacing batteries will add up quickly as well.
  • Probably not the best choice for a daily shaver. Although this little Panasonic can hold its own compared to more expensive models, it’s primarily a travel shaver, and men with problematic beards will probably get a lot more mileage out of a higher-end razor.
  • Instructions in Japanese. Since this product was made for the Japanese market, the instruction booklet is in Japanese. Panasonic provides customer service through its website, though, if you need service.
  • Odd-looking. This is no big deal, but it probably won’t be your first choice as a Christmas present.
  • Hard to Grip. The wide body is a little uncomfortable on your hands, which is another reason why it might not be your best option for a permanent, daily shaver.

Attachments and Additional Pieces

Most travel shavers don’t include a lot of attachments. The Panasonic Men’s ES-RS10-S doesn’t come with a carrying case. It includes a plastic cover, 2 AA batteries, and a cleaning brush. A big plus is that it’s easy to order replacement blades and covers from Amazon and the Panasonic website.

Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S Shaver

What Users Say

The Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S shaver gets rave reviews, for the most part. Several users praise the quality and say they even use it for their daily shave even though it’s a travel shaver. There are also the typical complaints about it not working on tough beards, but that is typical with this type of razor. Men with very coarse beards should probably look to a more expensive model, not a travel razor like this.

Final Words

They say that you get what you pay for, but, in this case, that’s a good thing. This Panasonic is definitely not a false economy. It’s primarily a battery-powered travel shaver, but the Panasonic Men ES-RS10-S shaver is a tough workhorse that is worth the price and competes favorably with other, rather higher-end shavers. In fact, if you’re in the market for a daily shaver in the low $20 range, this shaver is a contender, too.

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