Boker Straight Razor 140521 King Cutter Review

The Boker Straight Razor King Cutter is a popular option available for men. This particular model offers numerous benefits while hosting some setbacks as well. Here I will provide an unbiased review of the Boker straight razor which outlines the specifications of the product, pros and cons, and what other people are saying about it.


For years, customers all over the globe have chosen Boker for their razor needs. The Boker straight razor 140521 King Cutter is no exception. The King cutter is a premium quality twist of the vintage Boker straight razor.

Boker Straight Razor King Cutter

The King Cutter is also known as the “Spanish point” due to its hand-ground craftsmanship. The blade is crafted out of special allow and silver, which improves cutting capabilities. The Boker straight razor can be purchased on Amazon and shipped to you quickly so you can experience it for yourself.


  • Blade size: 5/8″
  • Blade material: Carbon Steel
  • Hollow ground
  • Black synthetic scales
  • Made in Germany
  • Blade length 2.75″
  • Blade width 0.625″
  • Model King Cutter
  • Model # 140521
  • Weight: 0.15 oz
  • Handle material: Polymer
  • Handle color: black

Pros and Cons


This section will provide the advantages of using the Boker straight razor King Cutter model.

  • Lightweight razor: the razor itself weighs only a couple ounces,
    making it extremely lightweight to hold
  • Easy-to-use: this is a great starter razor for beginners, but also an exceptional option for advanced shavers
  • Can use wet: the Boker straight razor can be used with gel or shaving cream or foam
  • Strong blade: the Boker razor contains a carbon steel blade, which is built to last
  • Smooth shave: the blade can be sharpened down to a fine point to provide an ultra smooth shave
  • Wear-resistant, durable black synthetic handle: built to last handle ensures you have the proper support for every shave
  • Full hollow build: makes the razor lightweight and easy to hold
  • Great for daily use: the blade does not dull easy and can be used daily
  • Strong and durable: the Boker razor contains top quality materials that are made to last
  • Can be ground down to a very fine edge: great to have for an ultrasmooth and close shave
  • Affordable cost: this razor is reasonably priced for the a premium quality product


  • Needs ground before use: some users find the “out of the box” standards are not quite up to their preference
  • Does not typically come sharpened unless requested: if you want a fine point on the blade, you must request this at the time of purchase
  • Flimsy handle: some users report that the handle is pretty flimsy
  • Blade maintence Needs to be oiled after every use
  • Full hollow is not for everyone: Some users find the full hollow doesn’t hold an edge well

Accessories & Additional Pieces

The Boker straight razor does not come with any accessories or additional pieces. A quality shaving cream or gel is recommended for this product. Additionally, you will need to keep the blade oiled in order to maintain the rust-free finish.

What Other Users Say About the Product

Several individuals all over the world have purchased the Boker straight razor. Some individuals have taken the time to share their experience with others.

One Boker straight razor owner stated that the razor has an excellent quality blade and provides an excellent shave. This individual found that the edge is straight is does not have any imperfections. Although they acknowledge that the razor is not shave-ready, it only took 50 laps on a sharpener to ready the edge. This customer found that the scales are a bit fragile, so they recommend to be cautious when closing the razor. This individual compared their Boker blade to their Dovo and found the Boker was a better fit for them.

Another Vintage Boker straight razor owner states that this razor is a huge improvement over the cheap blade they previously purchased. This customer found that the razor was shave-ready and it was extremely easy to handle. This individual can definitely feel the difference when compared to cheaper blades and say you are definitely paying for a top quality shave.

Another customer admits that they spent months researching the perfect razor before purchasing the Boker straight razor. This individual chose the Boker King Cutter because it is a very well made German razor. This individual says this razor is carbon steel and German engineering at its finest. They have been using the razor for six months and have had not issues at all. This customer recommends the item and says that, for the price, it is absolutely perfect.


Boker is one of the most trusted brand names in men’s shaving and the King Cutter is no exception. The product is affordable, lightweight, and great quality. The delicate structure of the razor handle and the full hollow blade mean that you should be particularly careful when handling this razor. Overall, it is an excellent option for the price.

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